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Veneer and lumineer

Veneer and lumineer

A beautiful smile

Izcils smaidsArt restoration of teeth corrects all appeared damages and helps to eliminate even inborn defects. In SKY DREAM CLINIC teeth restoration starts with the diagnostic procedure, during which the teeth tissues, natural colour, geometric form and other indicators are carefully examined.

Restoration work is similar to the work performed by an architect, and is based on deep analysis, task localization and thorough calculations.


Types of dental restoration works

Izcils smaids
  • Veneer teeth restoration – the fastest way to restore perfect appearance to teeth with upper layer damage.
  • Restoration of a lost tooth part by dental filling (including the replacement of darkened and metal fillings) with light curing composite materials.
  • Dental tab restoration – a type of teeth micro prosthetics. In places where caries has significantly damaged the tooth, and a dental filling cannot solve the problem anymore, individually made ceramics and composite material dental tabs are applied.

We have elastic prices, and individual approach to each patient!



Izcils smaids

Veneers as a method of dental prosthetics has started developing already in the previous century. Actors, who needed a radiant smile for their roles, fixated special plates on their teeth, making the teeth row smooth and white. Naturally, it was only a temporary option, but gradually this solution has found a new application, and from the stage of theatrical image, it moved to the real world of ordinary people.