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Dental implantation

Dental implantation

Zobu implantācija

Dental implantation is the reconstruction of the missing tooth including both its crown and root parts. Dental implant reduplicates the form of the natural tooth root and is fixed in the jaw bone.

 Nowadays, dental implantation can be called the most optimal method of dealing with the loss of teeth not temporarily but on permanent basis.



Advantages of dental implantation

Zobu implantācija

  • High aesthetical qualities.
  • Full masticatory function recovery.
  • Bone tissue does not atrophy.
  • Long durability.

By giving your preference to the procedure of dental implantation, you forget about caries and other dental conditions for life.

  • Live teeth do not get damaged.
  • Possibility to restore any number of teeth you need.
  • Easy aftercare.
  • Fully-functional teeth replacement.

As a rule, dental implant survival period takes no less than 3 months. After the implants have inosculated with the bone tissue, an abutment is put on the top of it, and then either a dental crown or a prosthesis. YOUR TOOTH HAS BEEN RESTORED!



    • Implant exposure and insertion of gum moulder

      154,90 €
    • Straumann SLActive

      914,90 €
    • Straumann SLA

      784,90 €
    • Medentika

      724,90 €
    • A surgical guide

      284,90 €
    • Use of an individual set of sterile instruments

      4,90 €