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Teeth straightening without braces. ORDOLINE is a new opportunity!

Occlusion correction and teeth straightening without braces. Transparent aligners will help you acquire a charming smile.

Transparent alternative to braces!

In contrast to the brace system, only you will be aware of your orthodontic treatment. Aligners are made from a special transparent material. Thanks to these qualities they tightly fit to the teeth and are completely invisible during a conversation, while smiling and even in photographs.

How do aligners work?

Our dentist will give you the necessary aligners, which will have to be replaced once a fortnight.Thanks to 3-D visualisation, you can familiarise yourself with different stages of treatment being able to see the final outcome already at the beginning. This is exactly why ORDOLINE is the best solution for you in order to acquire the desired smile. You must only take five simple steps to fulfil your dream about a new smile.

The transparent ORDOLINE aligners, which are specially adapted to you, are made according to your dental impression gradually straightening them until the desirable result is achieved.



Would you like to have a pretty smile? Call us!


ORDOLINE is the best solution for you in order to acquire the desired smile

The statistics show that nearly 70% of the residents in Latvia have their teeth incorrectly positioned. The most common problem is slanted teeth but serious occlusion problems are encountered more rarely.

Quite often slanted teeth or incorrect occlusion are considered to be only an aesthetic issue disregarding the fact that it can cause serious health and functional problems that are difficult to be treated as the time passes. There are people who do not undertake orthodontic treatment because they do not want to wear braces. Nowadays modern and invisible treatment with crystal-clear caps is available.

Teeth straightening caps have proved their efficiency not only in milder cases of aesthetic teeth straightening but also in complex situations when the correction of occlusion is required. By the help of caps the gaps between the teeth are prevented, close teeth are straightened and occlusion is fixed.

There are no age restrictions for teeth straightening. The main condition is to be motivated and wear caps 22 hours a day on a regular basis.

Orthodontic caps are getting more and more popular in Latvia. Why do the patients prefer capes to braces?

  • Better anticipated outcome.
  • Invisible on the teeth.
  • Non-allergic, do not damage the mucous membrane of the mouth and the enamel of teeth.
  • Comfortable for eating and cleaning teeth.
  • Do not require any changes in eating habits.
  • Less painful, do not harm the cheeks and the lips.
  • Less visits to the doctor.

Ordoline is a system of cutting edge orthodontic caps. Due to innovative technologies, verified treatment protocols and the integration of the broad range of orthodontic instruments Ordoline orthodontic caps enable successful straightening of teeth and regulation of the occlusion even in the most complicated cases.

Ordoline caps are produced in the European Union and they are made from health friendly PET-G thermoplastic polyester so that they are almost invisible, comfortable and efficient. In the Ordoline Centre each cap is carefully cut and tailored to the patient’s gum lines in order to prevent gum recession. The caps are designed according to an individual treatment plan through careful calculation of the length of treatment and the desired outcome. In order to ensure the efficiency of treatment, Ordoline adheres to strict production process and quality control.

For more information about Ordoline orthodontic caps, visit: www.ordoline.lv

Treatment Process and Length

  1. Step

During the consultancy the doctor will perform the required examinations (dental impressions or scanning, face and dental photographs and X-ray) in order to prepare the treatment plan.

  1. Step

An individual treatment plan is elaborated for each patient. Digital 3D visualisation shows how each cap will change the position of teeth, what the final result will be like and how long the treatment will last.

  1. Step

Making of orthodontic caps. After making the caps will be delivered to the attending physician who will dispense them to the patient along with the necessary instructions for use.

  1. Step

Treatment. The patient constantly changes the caps every 10-14 days. On average once per 2-3 months they visit their doctor to make sure that the treatment goes according to the plan. The average length of treatment is approximately 8-18 months (depending on each individual case).




ORDOLINE advantages!

The use of aligners is easy and comfortable.

If necessary, the aligners can be removed without putting the treatment result at risk.

The aligners do not irritate mucous membrane of the mouth cavity.

You will even not notice them because the aligners are transparent.

The cleaning of aligners is easy allowing for good oral hygiene.

The aligners do not affect the pronunciation.

You can carry on your daily activities.

The aligners are durable and do not wear out.

They are made from a biological and hypoallergenic material.



Questions about ORDOLINE!

Where can I receive ORDOLINE?

At the ORDOLINE certified dentist.

Can ORDOLINE be used at any age?

There are no age restrictions — ORDOLINE certified dentist will evaluate the possibility to use ORDOLINE aligners for your treatment.

How often do I need to see the ORDOLINE dentist after the commencement of the treatment course?

The dentist will inform you when to pay a visit. We recommend having at least one check a month.

Is ORDOLINE aligner wearing painful?

No, it is not painful. At the beginning you can have a slight feeling of discomfort because the aligner fulfils its function and pushes teeth. All aligners are carefully treated in order to avoid unpleasant feelings and irritation of mouth mucosa.

Is it possible to prevent gaps between teeth by the help of ORDOLINE?

Yes, it is. But it is important to wear the aligners for the indicated period of time.

If I use metal braces, may I choose ORDOLINE?

Yes, but your dentist will evaluate your condition.

May I have hot drinks while using ORDOLINE?

No, it is advisable to remove the aligner at this moment because, as a result of having hot drinks, the aligner connections can move or its material can change colour.

May I smoke while using ORDOLINE?

No, smoking can result in the loss of aligner flexibility and its material can change colour.

May I chew chewing gum while using ORDOLINE?

It is advisable to avoid the use of chewing gum at all times while wearing the aligner.

Must I always wear ORDOLINE aligner? At night either?

Yes, because the aligner works actively at night too.

May I use ORDOLINE aligners when going in for sports?

Yes, there are no contraindications.

Do the aligners change my voice or speech?

No, however, occasionally it can take several days to get used to wearing of the aligner.

How can I clean ORDOLINE aligners?

Under cold running water and with a standard toothbrush.

How can I take out and put on the aligners?

Start putting on the aligners on the front teeth — make sure that the aligners hold tightly at the intended location and only then slowly clench your teeth. We advise to take out the aligners starting with molar teeth.

I have lost a tightening element of the aligner. What should I do?

It is important to check if all tightening elements are in place. It can be done by inspecting the aligner. If any element is missing, inform your dentist immediately.

My aligner is broken. What should I do?

If the aligner is broken or lost, inform your dentist immediately.

Where should I keep the aligners while I am not wearing them?

Keep the aligners only in a special box which was given to you by the dentist. If you do not take care of the aligners, they can get lost or damaged.




    • Consultation with the orthodontist

      54,90 €
    • Dg moulding for the purposes of orthodontics (one jaw)

      54,90 €
    • Imprint with alginate for the purposes of orthodontics

      26,90 €
    • Imprint with silicone for the purposes of orthodontics

      54,90 €
    • Metal braces for one jaw (the 1st level of complexity)

      739,90 €
    • Metal braces for one jaw (the 2nd level of complexity)

      789,90 €
    • Metal braces for one jaw (the 3rd level of complexity)

      849,90 €
    • Aesthetic braces for one jaw (ceramic or saphire) (the 1st level of complexity)

      1069,90 €
    • Aesthetic braces for one jaw (ceramic or saphire) (the 2nd level of complexity)

      1149,90 €
    • Aesthetic braces for one jaw (ceramic or saphire) (the 3rd level of complexity)

      1229,90 €
    • Application of partial braces (straightening of individual teeth)

      369,90 €
    • Planned appointment with the orthodontist

      59,80 €
    • Change of ligatures, arch and/or elastics for one jaw

      54,90 €
    • Change of ligatures, arch and/or elastics for both jaws

      69,90 €
    • Application of fixed retainer

      99,90 €
    • Retention splint

      134,90 €
    • Retention plate

      294,90 €
    • Twin block

      749,90 €
    • Teeth regulation plates (expansion plate)

      269,90 €
    • Location shield

      179,90 €
    • Regulation of the braces for one jaw (for a patient from another clinic)

      69,90 €
    • Regulation of the braces for both jaws (for a patient from another clinic)

      89,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (AIRNIVOL) / (Medgroup lab.) (The entire treatment irrespective of whether one or two jaws)

      3699,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (ORDOLINE) / (Medgroup lab.) Easy type, one jaw, up to 8 splints (for up to 3 months)

      1229,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (ORDOLINE) / (Medgroup lab.) Easy type, two jaws, up to 8+8 splints (for up to 3 months)

      1679,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (ORDOLINE) / (Medgroup lab.) Light type, one jaw, up to 9-16 splints (for 3-7 months)

      2239,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (ORDOLINE) / (Medgroup lab.) Light type, two jaws, up to 9-16 + 9-16 splints (for 3-7 months)

      3249,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (ORDOLINE) / (Medgroup lab.) Medium type, two jaws, up to 17-24 + 17-24 splints (for 7-11 months)

      3809,90 €
    • Teeth regulation with transparent dental splints (ORDOLINE) / (Medgroup lab.) Complex type, two jaws, more than 25+25 splints (12 months and more)

      4369,90 €
    • Orthodontic micro implant

      309,90 €
    • Expansion plate

      299,90 €
    • C – Align regulation splints (concordia lab.)

      4299,90 €
    • Fast extension equipment

      434,90 €
    • Orthodontic trainer

      194,90 €
    • In-treatment activation

      0,00 €
    • Re-fixation of braces

      44,90 €
    • Use of an individual set of sterile instruments

      4,90 €