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Caries treatment

Caries treatment


X-ray images help dentist to diagnose caries on early stages. With the help of the images dentist is able to identify the traces of enamel and tooth dentin alterations.



Kariesa diagnostika, ārstēšana un profilakse

Teeth are exposed to various diseases due to different reasons. Caries is a disease which gradually destroys the tooth and can lead to its loss. Caries treatment on early stages includes the use of applications with special solution, placed on the damaged areas of the tooth. If caries has developed enough, it is possible to eliminate its traces with dental cavitation of the damaged area and by placing the filling material on the spot.

To minimize the risk of caries development, try not to consume big amount of sugar containing products, follow the rules of qualitative oral hygiene maintenance and always remember that it is easier to prevent caries rather than treat it.