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Caries treatment

Caries treatment


Tooth consists of enamel and dentin – solidmineralized tissues, containing large amount of calcium in form of hydroxyapatite crystals; inside these thick tissues there are nerves and blood-vessels – the soft tissues. Enamel – is the hardest tissue in the human organism, as for 95% it consists of pure minerals. It is the superficial layer of the tooth, covering its part above the gum. Dentin forms the essential mass of the root and tooth crown. Dentin is a less mineralized (the amount of hydroxyapatite minerals is less than 70%) and less firm tissue.


X-ray images help dentist to diagnose caries on early stages. With the help of the images dentist is able to identify the traces of enamel and tooth dentin alterations. The principle of dental x-ray imaging is the following: solid mineralized tooth tissues do not transmit x-rays passing through teeth on radiographic film. Therefore, the areas of the film covered with enamel and dentin receive the lesser amount ofx-rays, and these areas appear lighter on the image. Tooth areas affected by caries will look darker on the images, as the minerals of the solid tissues are damaged. This is happening because area affected by caries becomes less firm or even damaged, thus is able to transmit x-rays and appear on the film.


Teeth are exposed to various diseases due to different reasons. First of all, the health of your teeth depends on the effectiveness of maintaining the oral cavity hygiene. After each meal it is necessary to clean the oral cavity either with a toothbrush, or with special dental floss. Quite often there is no possibility to use nor brush nor floss, and the remains of the food get stuck between the teeth, triggering the development of malignant bacteria, which later can cause caries and other unpleasant diseases.

Caries is a disease which gradually destroys the tooth and can lead to its loss. Caries treatment on early stages includes the use of applications with special solution, placed on the damaged areas of the tooth. If caries has developed enough, it is possible to eliminate its traces with dental cavitation of the damaged area and by placing the filling material on the spot.

It is difficult to determine the time period of caries development, as it can range from several months to several years, depending on the quality of oral hygiene maintenance. Quite often teenagers and children suffer from caries due to various reasons.

Firstly, it is difficult for a child to clean teeth thoroughly, which leads to the formation of dental plaque and later to the development of caries. In order to prevent it, you should look after child's teeth cleaning habits, and provide help in case it is needed. To minimize the risk of caries development, try not to consume big amount of sugar containing products, follow the rules of qualitative oral hygiene maintenance and always remember that it is easier to prevent caries rather than treat it.

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