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Medical tourism

Medical tourism

The full spectrum of services

Medical tourism

Sky Dream Clinic's wide range of services covers all areas of modern dentistry: caries treatment, surgery and implantation, prosthetics and aesthetic restoration, endodontics (treatment of root canals under a microscope) and orthodontics (correction of bite with braces or mouth guards), treatment of gum diseases (periodontist services), teeth whitening using various methods, hygiene, paediatric dentistry, as well as sedation with laughing gas, which significantly helps to reduce the feeling of fear in patients of any age.

An integrated approach to treatment

Medical tourism

The undoubted advantage of Sky Dream Clinic is its comprehensive approach to patient treatment, which obliges the clinic to have all specialised dentists working in one team. Thanks to this, you save time and nerves, as there is no need to search for an appointment with the necessary specialists, which are usually available in various clinics and medical centres. Another of the important advantages of Sky Dream Clinic is its own digital dental laboratory, which produces veneers, crowns, various mouthguards, surgical guides and so on. This allows the treating doctor to directly control the quality of the laboratory's products, and significantly reduces the time for prosthetics and the number of patient visits to the dentist. This attentive attitude to the patient's health allows the clinic to successfully perform 20,000 dental manipulations per year.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia is available at the branch of the clinic in Mārupe, which will allow more complex and longer surgical manipulations to be performed. See more info here: https://shorturl.at/ijPTW

Foreign off-site consultations

Sky Dream Clinic is a member of the Latvian Medical Tourism Cluster, https://healthtravellatvia.lv/en/news/ which attracts foreign patients, as well as citizens of our country living abroad. The clinic conducts travelling consultations to a specific country, where our compatriots living there can consult with doctors and then come to Latvia for treatment. The schedule of the next outing is published in the News section of the clinic in due time: https://rb.gy/egn0qg

Dental Check - Up dental diagnosis in 1h!

Prior to the beginning of any treatment we recommend going through consultancy – a complex examination of the oral cavity that includes the following services:

  • Dentist’s consultation and examination of teeth;
  • Photo diagnostics;
  • Digital 3D diagnostics of both jaws;
  • Drawing up a consecutive treatment plan;
  • Exhaustive replies to patient’s questions.

Medicīnas tūrisms

You will gain a complete understanding and knowledge of the real clinical picture of your oral condition, including any hidden problems, followed by a medical opinion and individual recommendations for further treatment and/or prevention. We will adapt to your travel schedule and will be able to offer you a convenient and well-thought-out appointment with the necessary specialists. When you call or write, please indicate that you are a medical tourism patient, so that we can offer you a special appointment schedule.

Online consultation

It is also possible to book an online consultation (price 94.90 EUR), but you need to have a 3D x-ray image of the patient to send to the doctor by e-mail info@skydream.lv.

Here you can read the feedback from Sky Dream Clinic patients: https://t.ly/6klYR

Clinic prices can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/ycktpvfm

Make an appointment at your convenience now - fill in the appointment form, send an e-mail to info@skydream.lv or call +371 20012559 (Riga branch) or +371 27260101 (Marupe branch)!