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Orthodontics with braces

Orthodontics with braces

Beautiful smile!

Ortodontija ar breketēm

This is extremely important in our world, both in working environment and in private life. Modern orthodontic treatment procedures are able to grant you the smile you always dreamed about at any age. It will also help you to preserve the health of your teeth for a long period of time and prevent various diseases (consequences of abnormal occlusion). We will do everything in our power for the solution of your problems on the highest professional level: swiftly, painlessly and imperceptible to others.

During the consultation your doctor will explain in detail how to make your smile absolutely flawless, as in our clinic we use only the most innovative orthodontic technologies!


Is it possible to align teeth without braces?

The answer is affirmative. It is possible with the help of ORDOLINE aligners. Our orthodontics specialist will determine the most appropriate solution in every specific situation.

Does a patient experience pain during the installation process and while wearing the brace system?

There might be a small inconvenience during the installation, removal and activation of the brace system.

It is worth remembering!

Caurspīdīgas kapes ORDOLINE

Modern technologies make effective teeth alignment possible at any age. The only difference is that children undergo treatment faster and more easily, since the early handling of the problem has a higher probability of abnormal occlusion formation prevention and avoidance of uneven teeth row in the future.

Modern technologies make effective teeth alignment possible at any age.