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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction

Tooth (dental root) extraction is the most popular dental operation worldwide, which is performed in case the current clinical situation does not allow to employ effective therapeutic treatment and save the tooth. Almost every person faces this problem in one's lifetime.

Modern technologies allow to execute the tooth extraction procedure painlessly, with the use of modern anesthetics, and later perform the dental implantation procedure for tooth reconstruction.

When is it necessary to extract a tooth?

Genuinely, there is a range of dental and dentofacial system conditions, which on their "advanced" stages make further therapeutic procedures impossible or counterproductive. These conditions include extensive caries lesions, periodontitis (tooth root adjacent tissue inflammation), dental root fracture, mechanical teeth traumas, periodontal tissue diseases, etc. In all these cases, with no possibility of therapeutic treatment and tooth restoration with the support on the root, tooth extraction with further dental implantation and prosthetics is an advisable procedure.

Wisdom teeth extraction

It is considered that wisdom tooth – the last tooth in the jaw bone – is rudimentary and createsa number of complications rather than fulfills a mastication function. For patients' convenience it is often recommended for wisdom teeth to be extracted. Specialists at "Sky Dream Clinic" can easily and painlessly extract wisdom teeth by using modern and sophisticated technologies.

Wisdom teeth or the "eighth" teeth in the upper or lower jaws usually cut through between the ages 13 to 30, sometimes they may start growing even later.

Procedure and wisdom teeth extraction technique:

  • Wisdom tooth dental root extraction is painless for the patient, due to the use of qualitative anesthetics and modern pain management medications.
  • After the wisdom tooth has been extracted, specialist seals the gum with surgical sutures to stop the bleeding and prevent the risk of bacteria exposure.
  • During the following 15 minutes it is advisable to put ice to the side of the cheek where the wisdom tooth was extracted from.

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