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Professional oral cavity

Professional oral cavity


Various researches show that for individuals who are dispositioned to caries and parodontosis it is not enough to clean teeth twice a day! For teeth cleanliness and parodontosis prevention, regular professional oral cavity hygiene is a necessary measure.

Professional oral cavity hygiene is recommended as a caries and parodontosis preventative treatment, for elimination of bad breath, bleeding gum precaution and removal of dental plaque. Professional oral cavity hygiene precedes therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical and orthodontic dental treatment procedures.

In our clinic calculus and dental plaque removal is performed with an absolutely safe new generation equipment. Oral cavity hygiene is both painless and does not harm teeth enamel, fillings and prostheses. During the procedure teeth are being polished and covered with fluorine-containing compounds, chosen individually, depending on the clinical condition.

Professional oral cavity hygiene – is a whole series of dental measures aimed at the dentofacial system's health maintenance.


With the help of ultrasound, it is possible to remove solid dental deposits or dental calculus. Ultrasound equipment effectively eliminates not only supragingival, but also subgingival deposits, which can be quite dangerous as they lead to the development of the whole spectrum of various oral cavity diseases. Timely removed supragingival and subgingival deposits prevent patient from frequent dental and gum treatment procedures and parodontosis altogether.


In order to prevent the plaque formation, teeth surfaces are being polished with special polishing pastes. These pastes always contain calcium or fluorine.


After the professional dental hygiene, a remineralization procedure can be performed. The procedure includes the application of various teeth enamel strengthening fluorine-containing products. Fluorine varnish teeth covering is performed as a preventative measure for caries treatment at the primary spot stage, before orthodontic treatment procedures and in cases of excessive dental sensitivity. Professional dental hygiene by means of calculus removal and root surface smoothing helps to prevent the formation of the dental plaque. Whereas it deflects the chronic inflammatory process, which inevitably leads to a tooth loss.

Professional dental hygiene procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 half hours.


In our clinic after the dental hygiene procedure, hygienist will thoroughly consult you on the proper ways of dental health care, and how to minimize the formation of the dental plaque, caries and other dental conditions. Our specialist will select oral hygiene products, including the toothpaste, toothbrush (manual, electric or ultrasound), dental floss and tongue cleaner, which will help maintain the health and cleanliness of your beautiful smile.

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