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Professional oral cavity

Professional oral cavity

Pure and shining smile

Mirdzošs un tīrs smaids-Zobu higiēna

Professional dental hygiene is a painless procedure. Just after one hour you will completely forget about plaque and calculus, while looking in the mirror on your immaculate smile and naturally white teeth!

Daily consumption of coffee and tea, smoking, and products containing strong coloring pigments, make teeth enamel considerably darker. Moreover, insufficient oral cavity hygiene causes unpleasant breath and bleeding gums.

We advise all our patients to perform the procedure of professional oral cavity hygiene once every 6 months.

Professional oral cavity hygiene includes:

  • Prior individual consultation with the hygienist on the issues of proper oral hygiene;
  • Cautious removal of the dental plaque with the modern ultrasound equipment;
  • Total and careful removal of the bacterial plaque from the teeth enamel;
  • Teeth brushing and polishing with effective professional pastes to reach brilliance and full gloss.

Professional oral cavity hygiene allows:

  • To detect caries on the early stages;
  • To stop the problem of gum bleeding and inflammation processes (gingivitis, periodontitis);
  • To select the tone of the filling material more precisely before treatment;
  • To lower the risk of gastrointestinal disease emergence, reducing the level of bacterial development.


Perform the procedure of oral cavity hygiene once in 6 months, and you will always have fresh breath and radiant teeth tone, avoid caries development, gum inflammation and bleeding, as well as protect yourself from premature teeth loss.