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Treatment of teeth by microscope

Microscopic dental treatment is used for caries, pulpy and other dental problems. The use of digital microscopes greatly increases the effectiveness, accuracy of the manipulations to be performed, as well as reduces the risk of traumatism, complications and recurrence. A state-of-the-art optical system, increasing the image more than 20 times, helps the dentist completely remove infected dental tissue and keep it healthy.

Thanks to the microscope, the dentist sees all the details and conducts high-precision treatments, root canal expansion and finds those canals that are invisible to the naked eye. This gentle methodology allows normal tooth strength to be maintained.

The dentist, using a microscope, clearly sees the affected tissue and removes only it without touching the healthy. In the event of retreatment of an unsuccessfully sealed canal, the doctor will be able to inspect and remove the old filling material.

Thanks to the use of a microscope to treat root canals, your doctor has more options, including:

  • detection of additional branches, cracks, remnants of filling material;
  • study of root channel structure;
  • control of channel handling;
  • complete removal of affected tissues;
  • determining the quality of completed channels;
  • removal of broken instruments;
  • airtight sealing of all channels and their branches.

Treatment of teeth by means of a microscope allows:

  • more accurate diagnosis of dental diseases;
  • improve the quality of visual inspection;
  • use instruments of minimal diameter;
  • reduce the risk of damage to roots;
  • reduce the risk of damage to the instrument used for treatment, which is one of the causes of possible complications;
  • increase the efficiency and quality of filling complex channels;
  • increase efficiency and quality of operation in case of re-cleaning and filling of the channel;
  • save a tooth in cases where it should be pulled out during normal treatment without using a microscope.

Your doctor uses a microscope throughout the treatment process. Thanks to the method of treating teeth using a microscope, the procedure becomes shorter, more efficient and more precise.




    • Canal mechanical and chemical treatment /one-root tooth/

      120,90 €
    • Canal mechanical and chemical treatment /two-root tooth/

      84,90 €
    • Canal mechanical and chemical treatment /three-root tooth/

      104,90 €
    • Dental canal mechanical filling /one-root tooth/

      134,90 €
    • Dental canal mechanical filling /two-root tooth/

      189,90 €
    • Dental canal mechanical filling /three-root tooth/

      264,90 €
    • Dental canal recure for one-root tooth

      324,90 €
    • Dental canal recure for two-root tooth

      109,90 €
    • Dental canal recure for three-root tooth

      109,90 €
    • Perforation filling with MTA or BIODENTINE

      214,90 €
    • Root inlay extraction for one dental canal

      98,90 €
    • Root inlay extraction for several dental canals

      109,90 €
    • Use of an individual set of sterile instruments

      4,90 €