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Our technologies

Our technologies

Sky Dream Clinic, a first-class dentistry for the whole family, has opened its doors in Mārupe, in the Business Garden complex, at 2 Maldugunju Street. Knowledge, experience, state-of-the-art technology and service are the key words that characterise Sky Dream Clinic, a dental and aesthetic medicine clinic that has just opened the doors of a new branch in Marupa. The clinic offers a wide range of high-quality dental services for the whole family and aesthetic medicine in two convenient locations in Riga and Marupe.

The undoubted advantage of Sky Dream Clinic is its comprehensive approach to patient treatment, which obliges the clinic to have all specialised dentists working in one team. Thanks to this, you save time and nerves, as there is no need to search for an appointment with the necessary specialists, which are usually available in various clinics and medical centres. Another of the important advantages of Sky Dream Clinic is its own digital dental laboratory, which produces veneers, crowns, various mouthguards, surgical guides and so on. This allows the treating doctor to directly control the quality of the laboratory's products, and significantly reduces the time for prosthetics and the number of patient visits to the dentist. This attentive attitude to the patient's health allows the clinic to successfully perform 20,000 dental manipulations per year.

During your first visit to Sky Dream Clinic, you will undergo a comprehensive dental diagnosis within an hour using the latest technologies: photofixation, 3D computer tomography, which makes the examination process simple and painless. The results of the examinations are then displayed on a large screen, and the doctor describes the condition of the oral cavity in detail, draws up a treatment plan, after which you can make an appointment with the necessary specialists at the clinic and receive individual recommendations for further treatment and/or prevention.

Sky Dream Clinic's wide range of services covers all areas of modern dentistry: caries treatment, surgery and implantation, prosthetics and aesthetic restoration, endodontics (treatment of root canals under a microscope) and orthodontics (correction of bite with braces or mouth guards), treatment of gum diseases (periodontist services), teeth whitening using various methods, hygiene, paediatric dentistry, as well as sedation with laughing gas, which significantly helps to reduce the feeling of fear in patients of any age.

In the new branch in Marupe, medication-assisted sedation is available for more complex and longer surgical procedures. This service will especially help to avoid stress for small, uncooperative patients.

Sky Dream Clinic has created a particularly comfortable atmosphere for children, a cosy children's corner, diplomas and gifts for bravery, and the rooms are decorated in such a way as to create the friendliest possible meeting with the tooth fairy, who will make sure that the treatment process is easy and painless without pain and tears.

Both Sky Dream Clinics are located in bright and spacious rooms that create a peaceful feeling. The quiet and cosy environment guarantees visitors a sense of peace and security, and they are also cared for by highly qualified professionals who continue to add to their knowledge and improve their skills in order to provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

All of the above is available both at the clinic at 7 Bērzaunės Street (VEF Quarter) in Riga and at the new branch in Mārupe, in the Business Garden complex, at 2 Maldugunju Street. This location will be convenient for residents of Pārdaugava, Mārupe, Babīte, Jūrmala or Tukums.

Sky Dream Clinic is a member of the Latvian Medical Tourism Cluster, which attracts foreign patients, as well as citizens of our country living abroad. The clinic conducts travelling consultations to a specific country, where our compatriots living there can consult with doctors and then come to Latvia for treatment.

Sky Dream Clinic also participates in international exhibitions, presenting Latvia as a medical tourism destination. The clinic cooperates with the largest Latvian companies, providing specially adapted corporate offers for employees with a certain discount programme.

However, the well-thought-out pricing policy is available not only to companies, but also to every visitor of the clinic. It is also possible to receive treatment in instalments, as the clinic cooperates with various credit institutions. The loan is drawn up on the spot in the clinic. The clinic regularly offers various promotions and discount programmes, as well as special discounts for large families with a family card 3+.

The clinic performs the function of informing and educating the population, organises field seminars in kindergartens and schools, and also conducts educational work on social networks Facebook and Instagram, drawing attention to oral hygiene and treatment issues. Interesting fact - Sky Dream Clinic premises have also been used to film episodes of popular TV shows.

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