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Riga (VEF area)
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Mo. - Fr.: 8:00-20:00
Sat.: 10:00 - 16:00
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Our technologies

Our technologies

The work at “Sky Dream Clinic” is organised in a way to ensure comfortable and safe treatment adhering to the highest modern standards. The doctor and assistant are working with the patient simultaneously, which guarantees maximally fast and effective performance of any procedures. Treatment at “Sky Dream Clinic” is an almost painless experience, as all procedures are carried out with the use of effective painkillers and modern anesthetics.

We guarantee:

  • The performance of all procedures by our highly-qualified specialists;
  • The use of dental implants only by approved manufacturers, like STRAUMANN;
  • Appliance of qualitative materials;
  • The best dental equipment by Italian brand CASTELLINI;
  • Sterility;
  • Minimal feeling of discomfort during and after the procedure;
  • The use of a digital x-ray equipment, which is ten times less harmful that the regular x-ray.

Modern dentistry – is not only qualitative treatment and dental material, but also the experience of pleasant communication. Our clinic creates maximally hospitable and comfortable atmosphere for the patients from all age groups. Both little patients and adults feel themselves peaceful and homelike. One of the most important aims of a dental specialist at “Sky Dream Clinic” - is maximally precise diagnostics and proper choice of a treatment method. By making an appointment at our clinic, you will be able to receive information about the rendered services and receive qualitative dental help.

We will find time for your dental appointment suitable for you. Our services are not only effective, but also affordable. We will do our best to ensure that after the visit to “Sky Dream Clinic” you will have the most pleasant impression and, of course, the snow-white smile.

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