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Our specialists

Dr. Dmitrijs Papsujevics

The leading dental prosthetist/implant surgeon

Dr. Dmitrijs Papsujevics is the leading dental prosthetist/implant surgeon at Sky Dream Clinic.

Highly qualified specialist and a man of great erudition, who successfully combines both medical practice and organisational work, and is truly a professional in his field. Field of expertise encloses: surgical dentistry, including implantology. Working experience allows to multidimensionally detect each patient’s oral cavity problems and to find ways for possible solutions in cases of complicated clinical conditions. Dr Papsuevich constantly improves his professional competences. Proficiently operates modern dental restoration techniques and prosthetics; excellently performs intricate dental root canal treatment procedures. Large amount of clinical experience, immaculate accuracy, precision, attention to details, knowledge of modern treatment principles and methods allow to receive a wonderful result in the end.

Under went educational training with various dental implant systems.

Actively participates in international symposiums, conferences, and conducts master-classes on implantology and osteoplasty.

“Our smile is an essential element of productive and successful communication, whereas our strong teeth are the reflection of health of the whole organism. That is the reason why Sky Dream Clinic provides the range of dental services starting from basic consultations to installation of complex prostheses.”

/Dr. Dmitrijs Papsujevics/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University

Dr. Eugene Kiliarsky

Surgeon, prosthetist, implantologist

Dr. Eugene Kiliarsky works as a dental and prosthetist surgeon at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr. Kiliarsky is a dental and prosthetist surgeon from Ukraine. He studied dentistry at the Kharkiv National Medical University. After graduation, he continued with many internships and additional training in implantation and bone restoration. He also has experience in aesthetic dentistry.

"At the moment I am diligently learning Latvian in order to hear patients' wishes more accurately. I spend my free time reading and trying to visit as many cities in Latvia as possible, as it is amazingly beautiful."

/Dr. Eugenius Kiliarski/

Manipulations performed by the doctor:

  • Removal of any complexity;
  • Implantation;
  • Directed bone regeneration;
  • Sinus-lifting;
  • Curie bone volume augmentation;
  • Paradontal surgery;
  • All-on-four, all-on-six implantation;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Aesthetic prosthetics;
  • Total prosthetic rehabilitation of patients;
  • Prosthetics on implants.

Educational institution: Kharkiv National Medical University

Dr. Maria Kiliarska

Doctor - diagnostic

Dr. Maria Kiliarska works as a diagnostician at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr. Maria Kiliarska is from Ukraine. In our clinic Dr.Kiliarska offers a unique service in the dental sector in Latvia. First of all, all patients who make an appointment for any dental manipulation with Sky Dream Clinic's knowledgeable specialists receive a consultation with Dr.Kiliarska. This consultation includes a detailed examination of the oral cavity, photography, 3D computed tomography of both jaws, preparation of a treatment plan and answers to the patient's questions. Because many of the oral problems you observe in yourself can most often only be solved in a complex way. That is why we offer you not to waste time, but to get the most complete and understandable consultation - diagnosis in just 1 visit (60 minutes).

Dr. Maria speaks Russian and English, and a dental assistant is available during the consultation to translate all necessary information into Latvian.

"You will get a complete understanding and knowledge of the real clinical picture of your oral condition, including any hidden problems, followed by the doctor's conclusion and individual recommendations for further treatment or prevention."

/Dr. Maria Kiliarska/

Alma Mater: Kharkiv National Medical University

Dr. Aleksejs Mihejevs

Anaesthesiologist - resuscitologist

Dr.Aleksejs Mihejevs works as an anaesthesiologist and reanimatologist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr.Mihejevs continues to practice in both specialties since 1996 at the Children's Clinical University Hospital. He has repeatedly completed internships in German clinics.

He regularly improves his qualification and knowledge by participating in international congresses and scientific conferences. Participates in teaching work at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, RSU, conducts practical and theoretical classes for young doctors and residents.

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia under the supervision of Dr.Mihejevs, a knowledgeable anaesthesiologist, provides an opportunity to perform complex procedures under comfortable conditions for both the patient and the dentist. This ensures safety, efficiency and excellent results.

Dr. Marija Stetjuha


Dr.Marija Stetjuha works as a periodontist at Sky Dream Clinic.

In 2004 she graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Riga Stradins University and in 2009 she graduated from the Faculty of Continuing Education of Riga Stradins University (subspecialty in periodontology).

Member of the Latvian Dental Association, Latvian Association of Periodontists.

She regularly improves her theoretical and practical knowledge at advanced training courses, seminars and conferences both in Latvia and abroad. She provides consultations and treats periodontal diseases.

In her work she applies modern methodologies and technologies for gum treatment.

Dr. Julia Andrejeva

Pediatric dental specialist

Dr. Julia Andrejeva works as a paediatric dentist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Excellent skills in treating children's teeth is the main profile of Dr. Julia Andreyeva. She constantly improves her working skills by attending seminars and lectures in dentistry, which in turn helps to achieve excellent results in dental treatment.

"Our doctors will help the child to adapt to the environment in a playful way, they will show that treatment is not always painful and unpleasant, they will create the right associations with the image of the doctor (the dentist is a friend) and the treatment process. They will tell how to choose a brush and toothpaste, what foods are good and bad for milk teeth, and much more."

/Dr.Julia Andreeva/

Alma Mater:  Belarusian State Medical University (БГМУ) in Minsk

Dr. Liga Ancāne

Therapist and pediatric dental specialist

Dr. Liga Ancāne is a therapist and pediatric dental specialist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Our patients describe Liga as an outgoing, kind-hearted and always smiling person, who is a true professional in her field of expertise. Dr. Ancāne successfully deals even with the most complicated cases and regularly attends seminars and qualification training courses. She always explains to her patients that it is necessary to visit your dentist if you experience acute tooth pain. Only dental specialist will be able to determine the cause of the pain and treat the tooth. In order to understand what exactly is causing the pain, doctor will make an x-ray image. If painful experience started late at night or on weekend, you can reduce the pain with immediate medication, but under no circumstances delay visit to the dentist.

Liga is great with working with children. In modern pediatric dentistry the main task is to save the tooth. Tooth extractions are quite rare, except the cases with primary teeth.

“Depending on your child’s biological rhythm, try to find the suitable time for making a dental appointment, usually it is the first half of the day. If a child wakes up early, then try to make a morning appointment. However, if your child still sleeps during the day, do not come to see the doctor at lunchtime, when your little one is getting tired and starts to become capricious.”

/Dr. Liga Ancāne/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University.

Dr. Jelena Pastere

Orthodontics specialist, ORDOLINE specialist

Dr. Jelena Pastere works at Sky Dream Clinic as an orthodontics specialist and therapist.

Dr. Pastere has got extensive international experience in the field of orthodontics. She has worked as an orthodontics specialist in the leading dental clinic in Cyprus for 10 years. Dr. Pastere possesses exceptional skills in the treatment field and maintains a very high level of performed procedures. Continuously attends lectures and seminars in order to improve her professionalism and skills. 

It is customary to consider orthodontics a part of aesthetic dentistry. However, the main purpose of this branch of dentistry is to maintain the functionality of patient’s masticatory apparatus. Timely correction of the occlusion allows the smile to become more appealing and also to preserve the teeth row, as abnormal occlusion leads to various gum and bone tissue diseases and may become the reason of the premature tooth loss.

/Dr. Jelena Pastere/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University; Medical Academy of St. Petersburg, Orthodontics Department. 

Dr. Diana Fedorkova


Dr. Diana Fedorkova is a general practitioner at Sky Dream Clinic.

Always does her best to help her patients, and shares their worries. Spends a lot of time improving her professional skills and attending dental conferences, seminars and workshops.

“It is important to remember that if caries does develop, it is important to start treatment as early as possible. Nowadays, there are the gentlest possible techniques that allow for painless treatment of teeth. Modern technology combines the highest technical capability, safety and comfort.”

/Dr. Diana Fedorkova/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University

Dr. Anna Petrova


Dr. Anna Petrova works as a therapist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr. Anna Petrova is from Ukraine. Dr. Petrova treats and improves dental health perfectly and painlessly, using only the most modern dental equipment and investigated preparations in her treatment arsenal. Toothache is often a signal that the pathological process has gone far enough and there are already complications. An involuntary decrease or disappearance of the pain does not usually indicate recovery; on the contrary, it may be a sign that the disease has moved on to the next stage. Toothache is caused by damage to a nerve in the tooth or surrounding tissues. Dr. Petrova will do everything to prevent this from happening, as it is important to make an appointment with a dentist in time to avoid severe tooth pain and tooth loss with the help of treatment.

Dr. Petrova speaks Russian and English, and a dental assistant is available during the treatment to translate all the necessary information into Latvian if necessary.

"Modern medicine is capable of preventing the most dangerous consequences of any disease, especially when it comes to teeth. But if you don't go to the doctor in time with a caries problem, you may face complications after a while."

/Dr. Anna Petrova/

Alma Mater: Дніпровський державний медичний університет

Inara Karpova

Dental hygienist, ZOOM and laser tooth whitening specialist

Inara Karpova is a dental hygienist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Solid experience in dentistry. Sympathetic person, always willing to help colleagues and patients. Inara has very high demands towards her professional duties. Our specialist would like to remark that there is a common belief that damaged teeth should not be brushed every day. This is absolutely wrong. In reality, in two hours after the last meal, soft dental plaque is starting to form. If it is not eliminated in the next 12 hours, dental calculus starts forming in its place. Calculus formation may lead to gum inflammation, the increase of teeth mobility and unpleasant breath. Besides all that, dental calculus is responsible for caries development.

“The easiest way of keeping teeth and gums in good health for the whole life – is not to be lazy and brush teeth regularly (two times per day), rinse oral cavity with special mouth-washing products, and use dental floss. Oral cavity hygiene will be most effective if you consult a specialist before choosing the toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth-washing products.”

/Inara Karpova/

Inga Litinska

Dental hygienist, ZOOM and laser tooth whitening specialist

Inga Litinska is a dental hygienist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Kind-hearted and outgoing, always ready to help her patients. True professional in fulfilling her duties. Successful experience in working both with children and adults. Irreplaceable helper for our doctors.

“Patients trust us with their most precious possession – their health. We value every client and always try to fulfill his expectations”

/Inga Litinska/

Linda Lapina

Dental hygienist, ZOOM and laser teeth whitening specialist

Linda Lapiņa works as a dental hygienist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Linda is excellent at her job and is a true professional, as patients are always satisfied after Linda's treatments. Dental hygiene and teeth whitening help to restore the natural brightness of teeth, making them beautiful and healthy.

"You can whiten your teeth at any time, but you should definitely consult a specialist first. Only he or she will assess the state of your oral health and recommend the best way to whiten your teeth."

/Linda Lapiņa/

Krista Zile

Dental Nurse

Krista Zile works as a dental nurse for clinic Sky Dream Clinic.

She fulfils her job responsibilities successfully and fairly. Our doctors are very satisfied with Krista’s work but the patients appreciate her favour. Krista is also a smiling and sincere colleague who can cheer up both her colleagues and Sky Dream Clinic patients by saying a good word.

I have joined Sky Dream Clinic in order to perform my work professionally and with excellence. This clinic has all the potential for it to come true.”

/Krista Zile/

Anzelika Filipovica

Nurse, Dental Assistant

Anzelika Filipovica works as a nurse and a dental assistant for clinic Sky Dream Clinic.

Angelica fulfils her job responsibilities with excellence. She is responsive and helpful. Anzelika helps patients overcome fear from the awaited dental treatment by saying a good supportive word, as well as she always smiles and is in a joyful mood!

The aim of my work is to render the best assistance so that our clinic’s patients are satisfied and happy about the received treatment!”

/Anzelika Filipovica/

Tatiana Fyodorova

Dental assistant

Responsible and knowledgeable SKY DREAM CLINIC dental assistant. With her smile and friendly attitude she helps patients to overcome their fear of the treatment process, because our employees have one goal: to keep our patients healthy and smiling.

Julija Voitova

Dental assistant

She is diligent and kind and has an individual approach to each patient. The doctors are content with Julia’s knowledge and working experience because her performance is always excellent.

Sindija Kudrjavceva

Dental assistant

Excellent knowledge of dentistry and a kind attitude towards patients make Vlada an excellent employee of the clinic.

Elina Mailo

Dental assistant

Pays attention to every detail of treatment because she wants the work done to be excellent.

Vlada Beļkoviča

Dental assistant

Excellent knowledge of dentistry and a kind attitude towards patients make Vlada an excellent employee of the clinic.

Alisa Gellere

Head administrator

Our excellent receptionists are always ready to take your call and book you and your loved ones an appointment with our specialists.

Call 20012559 and we will help you regain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Jekaterina Jelovska


Our excellent receptionists are always ready to take your call and book you and your loved ones an appointment with our specialists.

Call 20012559 and we will help you regain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Liene Ozolniece - Pelece


Our excellent receptionists are always ready to take your call and book you and your loved ones an appointment with our specialists.

Call 20012559 and we will help you regain a healthy and beautiful smile.