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Teeth preparation for dental prosthesis

Zobu sagatavošana protezēšanaiFirst of all it is necessary to prepare teeth for the fitting of the dental crowns. The procedure starts with the teeth brushing, later, under the local anesthesia, teeth are being filed round and shaped, which is required for secure dental crown fitting and fixation. Next step is to create a copy of the dental imprint, after which a dental crown will be created in the technical dental laboratory. During the time of the dental crown production, a temporary dental crown is placed, in order to avoid the damaging of the aesthetic appearance of the teeth row.

Our main aim is to produce the most sufficient dental crown for each patient, and to secure a completely painless procedure.


Ideal dental crown

Ideāls zoba kronītisWhen all preparation procedures are completed and dental crown complies with all requirements, our dental specialist performs the procedure of the final crown fixation in proper place. This procedure is carried out immaculately by our skillful and qualified doctors. Afterwards, every patient can fully enjoy both his renewed and beautiful smile and restored teeth functioning.

Due to modern dental technologies, you are able to choose from different types of dental crowns.


Dental crowns and bridges on dental implants

Kronīši un tilti uz zobu implantiem

Main characteristics of dental crowns and bridges built on dental implants:

  • There is no need to file round adjacent teeth.
  • Bridge built on implants is more stable than a regular dental bridge, and it provides a solution for the problem for decades.
  • Bone in the place of the missing tooth is loaded evenly, which gives a chance of bone lowering to be avoided.

One of the most important advantages of the dental bridges built on implants, is that in case of a large number of missing teeth it becomes possible to permanently replace them, using the optimal number of implants.


Perfect smile with dental veneers

Perfekts smaids ar zobu venīriemIn cases of slight defects, damaging or change in teeth enamel tone - request dental ceramic veneers. It is a simple and fast way to get aesthetic teeth and beautiful smile, which you have always dreamed about.

Advantages of dental veneers:

  • It is possible to achieve a brilliant aesthetic effect to make your smile pleasant and irresistible.
  • The shape, size, and to some extent, even the position of the frontal teeth can be altered.
  • The color and size can be perfectly matched to patient’s own teeth.
  • Teeth are filed lightly (approximately 0,5 mm).
  • As dental veneers are extremely thin, they do not cause any discomfort.

If the tooth is healthy, but its aesthetics is not satisfactory or it has changed its color, which can not be altered by the means of teeth whitening, we advise you to choose dental veneers as a solution.