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Teeth during pregnancy

Teeth during pregnancy

Teeth during the time of pregnancy: the first visit to the dentist

Zobārstniecība grūtniecēm
Ideally, it is advisable to treat acute teeth problems before pregnancy planning. However, it is not always possible. It sometimes happens that you get notified about occasional problems in oral cavity during the time of your first visit to the dentist. What should be done in this case? Serious manipulations, like caries treatment with the use of anesthesia, should be laid aside for a while. Instead, you may consult your dentist about the right choice of the toothpaste to stop caries expansion even further.

During the first pregnancy trimester all dental procedures
should be performed maximally careful!

A very important manipulation performed in the dentist's chair during the time of pregnancy – is the professional oral hygiene. Usually the procedure lasts approximately 40/ 60 minutes. During this time dentist will be able to remove old dental calculus and plaque.

It's important to know

Problems with oral cavity often increase the risk of the development of various diseases both for the mother and her unborn baby. This can have serious negative effect on the formation of child's vital systems. Bacteria, piling in the oral cavity, unnoticeably get to the gastrointestinal system, and the whole immune system becomes weakened. As a result, it becomes easy to catch a cold, and cardiovascular diseases and problems with digestion organs start developing.

You should visit our dentist and have an oral hygiene procedure and caries treatment!