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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

When we get acquainted with somebody and start communicating we always pay attention to our companion's teeth, and first impression depends greatly on the smile. The importance of the beautiful smile is an undeniable fact when building relationships and improving your personal life. It is not for nothing that in the past people used to determine the state of health, range of endurance and ability to reproduce, judging by the state of one's teeth.

Nowadays nothing has changed. Teeth relate to the whole organism and serve as a unique barometer of individual's health. However, incorrect dental care may provoke the development of different conditions, which only at first sight are not relevant to the state of the oral cavity.

Oral cavity diseases might become the reason for the emergence of serious medical conditions and influence the immune system and vitality of the whole organism.

Feel the difference

Modern dental technologies and materials allow to correct both inevitable aesthetic defects, which were caused by the use of deficient materials, and mistakes made by the nature itself. This requires a large deal of mastership and certain skills, relating modern dental specialist to a sculpturer, topographer and optician. Each tooth is reconstructed considering the location features of adjacent teeth, the change incolour, depending on the type of lighting, as well as a range of other factors. Specialists in our clinic possess necessary skills and brilliant methods of teeth restoration and reconstruction, resulting in aesthetically exquisite and long-lasting effect. Proficient use of dental composite materials gently recreates the damaged tooth – its natural anatomical form and colour, without the need to use dental prostheses. It also becomes possible to reconstruct teeth rows, even if the orthodontic treatment is not possible.

Teeth filling

This is a restoration procedure, which allows to reconstruct teeth aesthetic and functional characteristics. Nowadays, the quality of filling materials meets extremely high requirements, as fillings must be solid, aesthetic and long-lasting. We use highly-qualified, exclusively original products from leading world-famous brands. Modern fillings in their texture and colour are almost identical to natural teeth enamel. This quality allows to successfully restore not only approximal and masticatory surfaces, but also facial (frontal) tooth surfaces. In our clinic we have a reasonable rate policy and the cost of our services is accessible to a wide range of patients.

Due to the use of modern pain management medication, the whole procedure is absolutely painless for the patient, and does not cause any feeling of discomfort.

Rules for dental health care

As the state of your teeth influences the health of your whole organism, it is very important to prevent the development of various diseases with correct implementation of simple dental health care rules. To avoid unpleasant dental and oral cavity conditions, it is necessary to remember about daily preventative care:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Choose qualitative toothpaste: for caries prevention toothpaste should contain fluorine compounds, but for gum treatment and gum disease prevention – anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Additional use of mouthwash products after brushing your teeth helps to eliminate bacteria from difficult-to-reach areas, cheek and tongue surfaces, and maintain minty fresh breath longer.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for the procedure of professional oral cavity hygiene and oral cavity inspection.
  • Use dental floss daily to remove plaque from interdental spaces and along the gum line.

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