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Dental Check-Up

Dental Check-Up

Complex dental examination Dental Check-Up

In the contemporary world with its characteristic rapid way of life for many people the issues of maintaining the dental health have become neglected until the moment when they start creating tangible discomfort. The illnesses of the oral cavity that are found at their early stages can be treated much easier and more successfully whereas timely prophylaxis can prevent the emergence of a number of problems.

Dental Check-Up is recommended if:

  • You experience health problems of the oral cavity: tooth/teeth sensitivity, toothache, caries, old fillings, pulpitis, periodontitis, gum recession or other diseases.
  • You need endodontic (under the microscope) treatment or repeated treatment of the root canals.
  • You need orthodontic treatment, for instance, compressed, cross-wisely growing teeth, overbite or underbite, jaw joint pain, bruxism (teeth grinding at night).
  • You are dissatisfied with the overall smile aesthetics: the teeth have cracks, stains, the teeth have undergone numerous restorations and fillings, there are gaps between the teeth, the row of teeth is uneven or compressed, and the colour and size of teeth differ.
  • Tooth/teeth is/are missing or they must be extracted, implantation and dental prosthetics are required.
  • You wish to put on veneers or crowns or teeth deterioration is observed.


How do we offer to check the dental health?

dental check-upPrior to the beginning of any treatment we recommend going through consultancy – a complex examination of the oral cavity that includes the following services:

  • Dentist’s consultation and examination of teeth;
  • Photo diagnostics;
  • Digital 3D diagnostics of both jaws;
  • Drawing up a consecutive treatment plan;
  • Exhaustive replies to patient’s questions.

You will be able to choose the optimal treatment that is most appropriate for you. This is the most important step in dental diagnostics due to which you will achieve the desirable outcome of treatment. A lot of the problems with the oral cavity, which you observe, can only have a complex solution most frequently. Therefore the dentists whom you visit for consultancy recommend or insist on additional consultation with another specialist.

We offer not to waste time but to obtain the most thorough and comprehensible consultation-diagnostics during 1 visit (60 minutes) only.

dental check-upWe will take care of your health and save your time. The same way you will get advice on how to improve your dental health and how to regain a smile by using modern abatement technologies in compliance with the dentist’s advice and your personal wishes. You will acquire a special card with clarifications and instructions on the required actions for you to use this information any time. If necessary, you can be advised to visit other specialists (e.g., the otolaryngologist).

If you still have any questions, your attending physician will help you plan any visits with the specialists in person in order to solve very specific problems.




    • Dental Check-Up