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3D tomography

3D tomography

SKY DREAM CLINIC offers 3D computer tomography X-ray of excellent quality by the help of modern 3D visualisation equipment

3D dental image: How is the examination carried out?

We use cutting edge medical equipment in order to provide accurate data while performing the examination in customer friendly environment.

During the visit, the patient situates themselves near the equipment – they are usually standing but the examination can also be carried out while sitting. Although a special programme corrects deviations caused by movement, it is recommended to stand still during the equipment operation. Depending on the image frequency, the procedure lasts for 10-25 seconds.

In this short period of time the sensor of X-ray equipment rotates around the patient’s head. The sensor transmits the image to the computer where it is processed by using special software. The overlapping of the anatomic structure and contours of the adjacent teeth is excluded. The procedure is absolutely painless and it has minimal contraindications. The presence of implants and fillings in the mouth cavity does not disturb the examination.

It is possible to obtain a detailed image of jaws in 3D projection for the purposes of inspection by the doctor.

When should 3D dental image be taken?

In dentistry 3D visualisation expands the diagnostic opportunities and enables to have a look at the entire mouth cavity not only one tooth. This method of equipment diagnostics is widely used in orthodontics, face and jaw surgery, implantology and plastic surgery.

3D dental image is necessary:

  • To inspect the pathological structure of jaws and individual teeth;
  • To identify the teeth that have not hatched out or have grown incorrectly;
  • To detect injuries and fractures;
  • To establish the condition of bone tissue prior to implant placement;
  • To diagnose the focus of inflammation in the soft tissue, canals and teeth roots;
  • To assess the quality of treatment including after implantation;
  • If there is suspicion of new growth;
  • In case of chronic pain;
  • Prior to the placement of the brace system;
  • Prior to complicated tooth extraction.

Is the procedure safe?

Due to the very low radiation level during this examination, the dental 3D image may be taken recurrently. For the purposes of patient’s protection during the examination, a protective apron is used.

You should not save on panoramic dental X-ray. The slightest diagnostic error in the case of the lack of image poses a serious treatment error risk and incurs additional costs.