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Teeth fluoridation

Teeth fluoridation

Teeth fluoridation for children and their parents!

During the course of the procedure a special product containing fluorine in bio-available form is applied for every tooth. This allows making enamel more durable, denser, as well as helps to prevent sensibility. Fluorine delays the development and activity of pathogenic microflora, which is the main reason of teeth and gum diseases. The following procedure lasts only for a few minutes and is absolutely painless. Fluoride does not have any negative impact on human organism.

During the procedure you must follow several stages:

  1. In order to perform the procedure, first, you must carefully remove the plaque from the teeth surface, as well as clean the interdental area.
  2. After wards, our dentist will dry surface of the teeth using a flow of warm air. Then doctor will cover teeth with special product containing strengthening solution. After couple of minutes teeth are getting dried once again with warm air flow.
  3. The next stage is stumping. This is tooth surface treatment with the help of a cotton tampon soaked in special milky solution containing copper and calcium hydroxide. After this treatment it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the oral cavity. Small calcium fluoride crystals are formed from this hydroxide; they can easily penetrate the enamel pores and even its deeper layers.
  • Fluoridation for children: 40 Euro
  • Fluoridation for adults: 60 Euro

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