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Caries treatment

Caries treatment

Caries treatment and preventative measures

Teeth may be affected by various diseases due to a range of reasons. Primary factor influencing the health of one’s teeth, is the effectiveness of oral cavity care procedures. After each meal it is essential to clean oral cavity either with a toothbrush or by using special dental floss. Frequently, there isn’t a possibility to clean teeth properly every time, and small pieces of food remain stuck between teeth, creating environment for malignant bacteria proliferation, caries and other dental disease progression.

Caries is an unpleasant disease, which causes teeth surface destruction leading to a loss of tooth. On early stages of caries spreading, treatment procedures include the application of a special solution on damaged dental areas. On later stages, caries can be eliminated by the means of dental cavitation and tooth sealing with a dental filling.

It is impossible to determine the precise caries development time interval. It can take from several months up to several years, depending on the effectiveness of the oral cavity hygiene care.

Children and teenagers experience problems with caries development rather frequently due to a range of various reasons. Primarily, children tend to neglect the importance of brushing their teeth, which leads to the formation of dental plaque and caries. In order to prevent these consequences, you should monitor the process of dental hygiene and help your child if needed. To reduce the risk of caries development, avoid products containing a large amount of sugar and follow oral cavity hygiene procedures. Always keep in mind that it is easier to prevent caries rather than to treat it.

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