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Caries treatment

Caries treatment

Caries treatment and preventative measures

Kariesa ārstēšana un profilakse

Children and teenagers experience problems with caries development rather frequently due to a range of various reasons. Primarily, children tend to neglect the importance of brushing their teeth, which leads to the formation of dental plaque and caries. In order to prevent these consequences, you should monitor the process of dental hygiene and help your child if needed.

To reduce the risk of caries development, avoid products containing a large amount of sugar and follow oral cavity hygiene procedures. Always keep in mind that it is easier to prevent caries rather than to treat it.




    • Application anesthesia

      4,90 €
    • Infiltration anesthesia

      16,90 €
    • Consultation, filling in documents

      39,90 €
    • No results consultation, filling in documents

      39,90 €
    • Dentist's visit /up to 45 min./

      59,90 €
    • Temporary teeth treatment

      59,90 €
    • Extraction of the temporary tooth

      44,90 €
    • Medical teeth coating with Tiefenfluorid formula (deep teeth fluoridation for children) and teeth polishing /two jaws/

      74,90 €
    • Pulp amputation

      59,90 €
    • Medical gas (the first hour) / (Two hours before medical gas doesn't allow to eat!)

      84,90 €
    • Medical gas (the second hour)

      44,90 €
    • Problematic child's treatment

      34,90 €
    • Use of an individual set of sterile instruments

      4,90 €