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Teeth extraction

Teeth extraction

Indications for temporary teeth extraction necessity

Piena zobu eksrakcija

Dentists try to treat temporary teeth as they safe the spot for a permanent tooth in the gum. Premature separation with temporary teeth may lead occlusion disturbance and problems with speech. However, there is a range of direct indications for temporary teeth extraction: advanced caries; pulpitis and periodontitis; gum fistula; tooth eruption, when the primary tooth has not yet fallen out.

Dental help is needed if the primary tooth is loose, but has not fallen out of the alveolus.

After the procedure of primary teeth extraction, dentist gives advice on speeding up the healing process and prevent possible complications. Recommendations are especially important in cases of grinder teeth extraction – pressure is transferred on cutting teeth. General recommendations after primary teeth extraction: no food for 2 hours after the extraction procedure; no spicy and salty food before the healing of an alveolar socket; oral cavity rinsing with herbal infusion and antiseptics.

Alveolar socket bleeding, swelling and pain – reasons for emergency dental consultation.