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Dental hygiene for children

Dental hygiene for children

Professional oral cavity hygiene for children

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Professional oral cavity hygiene is a complex of various procedures aimed on revitalization of oral cavity organs and tissues, and prevention of possible dental diseases. It includes the removal of soft and solid dental plaque, enamel fissure sealing, by making them less sensitive to external factors, and teeth surface covering with special dental varnish.

Besides performing the procedure, dental specialist can conduct a lesson on oral cavity hygiene, help to choose a proper toothbrush and toothpaste, depending on individual characteristics of oral cavity structure, and provide useful and considerate advice on oral cavity care.

In conclusion, we would like to direct attention once more to the fact that primary teeth care and treatment procedures require special attitude due to the formation of permanent “lifelong” teeth. The health and strength of permanent teeth fully depend on the health and state of primary teeth!




    • Application anaesthesia

      4,90 €
    • Infiltration anaesthesia

      11,90 €
    • Examination, consultation, personal oral hygiene training

      34,80 €
    • Consultation, documentation

      39,80 €
    • Full oral cavity hygiene for temporary teeth

      49,80 €
    • Full oral cavity hygiene for temporary teeth (10 - 12)

      64,80 €
    • Full oral cavity hygiene for permanent teeth (13 – 18)

      79,80 €
    • Teeth polishing with professional polishing paste

      34,90 €
    • Medical teeth coating with Tiefenfluorid formula (deep teeth fluoridation for children) and teeth polishing /two jaws/

      59,90 €
    • Hygiene with orthodontic system/retainer for one jaw

      24,90 €
    • Tartar removal /one tooth/

      7,90 €
    • RVG diagnostics in the treatment process for CHILDREN

      10,90 €
    • GC MI paste application

      11,90 €
    • Removal of soft plaque and tooth polishing /all teeth/

      54,90 €
    • Tartar removal /one tooth/

      5,90 €
    • Fluoride application /one tooth/

      7,90 €
    • Use of an individual set of sterile instruments

      4,90 €