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Dr. Maria Kiliarska

Dr. Maria Kiliarska

Dr. Maria Kiliarska works as a diagnostician at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr. Maria Kiliarska is from Ukraine. In our clinic Dr.Kiliarska offers a unique service in the dental sector in Latvia. First of all, all patients who make an appointment for any dental manipulation with Sky Dream Clinic's knowledgeable specialists receive a consultation with Dr.Kiliarska. This consultation includes a detailed examination of the oral cavity, photography, 3D computed tomography of both jaws, preparation of a treatment plan and answers to the patient's questions. Because many of the oral problems you observe in yourself can most often only be solved in a complex way. That is why we offer you not to waste time, but to get the most complete and understandable consultation - diagnosis in just 1 visit (60 minutes).

Dr. Maria speaks Russian and English, and a dental assistant is available during the consultation to translate all necessary information into Latvian.

"You will get a complete understanding and knowledge of the real clinical picture of your oral condition, including any hidden problems, followed by the doctor's conclusion and individual recommendations for further treatment or prevention."

/Dr. Maria Kiliarska/

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