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Dr. Anna Petrova

Dr. Anna Petrova

Dr. Anna Petrova works as a therapist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr. Anna Petrova is from Ukraine. Dr. Petrova treats and improves dental health perfectly and painlessly, using only the most modern dental equipment and investigated preparations in her treatment arsenal. Toothache is often a signal that the pathological process has gone far enough and there are already complications. An involuntary decrease or disappearance of the pain does not usually indicate recovery; on the contrary, it may be a sign that the disease has moved on to the next stage. Toothache is caused by damage to a nerve in the tooth or surrounding tissues. Dr. Petrova will do everything to prevent this from happening, as it is important to make an appointment with a dentist in time to avoid severe tooth pain and tooth loss with the help of treatment.

Dr. Petrova speaks Russian and English, and a dental assistant is available during the treatment to translate all the necessary information into Latvian if necessary.

"Modern medicine is capable of preventing the most dangerous consequences of any disease, especially when it comes to teeth. But if you don't go to the doctor in time with a caries problem, you may face complications after a while."

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