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Special offer from your favourite clinic!

Special offer from your favourite clinic!

A set of white teeth! This special package for €186 includes:

  • complete oral hygiene + specialist consultation;
  • after the treatment, an impression of the teeth will be taken in order to make two separate teeth whitening mouth guards;
  • Come to the clinic the next day to pick up your PolaNight teeth whitening mouth guards and whitening gel.

Regardless of what has caused your teeth to lose their natural whiteness, PolaNight's special whitening gel will help you get a white and radiant smile.

The transparent mouth guards are made from a flexible and innovative polymer material. The mouth guard fits snugly over your teeth, discolouring the surface of each tooth evenly.

In turn, full oral hygiene will help prepare your teeth for this whitening process at home, and our specialist will explain all the nuances of whitening in detail during the procedure to ensure that the result is as effective as possible.

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Promotion is valid until 18.02.2022

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