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Inara Karpova

Inara Karpova

Inara Karpova is a dental hygienist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Solid experience in dentistry. Sympathetic person, always willing to help colleagues and patients. Inara has very high demands towards her professional duties. Our specialist would like to remark that there is a common belief that damaged teeth should not be brushed every day. This is absolutely wrong. In reality, in two hours after the last meal, soft dental plaque is starting to form. If it is not eliminated in the next 12 hours, dental calculus starts forming in its place. Calculus formation may lead to gum inflammation, the increase of teeth mobility and unpleasant breath. Besides all that, dental calculus is responsible for caries development.

“The easiest way of keeping teeth and gums in good health for the whole life – is not to be lazy and brush teeth regularly (two times per day), rinse oral cavity with special mouth-washing products, and use dental floss. Oral cavity hygiene will be most effective if you consult a specialist before choosing the toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth-washing products.”

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