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Dr. Aleksejs Mihejevs

Dr. Aleksejs Mihejevs

Dr.Aleksejs Mihejevs works as an anaesthesiologist and reanimatologist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Dr.Mihejevs continues to practice in both specialties since 1996 at the Children's Clinical University Hospital. He has repeatedly completed internships in German clinics.

He regularly improves his qualification and knowledge by participating in international congresses and scientific conferences. Participates in teaching work at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, RSU, conducts practical and theoretical classes for young doctors and residents.

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia under the supervision of Dr.Mihejevs, a knowledgeable anaesthesiologist, provides an opportunity to perform complex procedures under comfortable conditions for both the patient and the dentist. This ensures safety, efficiency and excellent results.