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Dr. Liga Ancāne

Dr. Liga Ancāne

Dr. Liga Ancāne is a therapist and pediatric dental specialist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Our patients describe Liga as an outgoing, kind-hearted and always smiling person, who is a true professional in her field of expertise. Dr. Ancāne successfully deals even with the most complicated cases and regularly attends seminars and qualification training courses. She always explains to her patients that it is necessary to visit your dentist if you experience acute tooth pain. Only dental specialist will be able to determine the cause of the pain and treat the tooth. In order to understand what exactly is causing the pain, doctor will make an x-ray image. If painful experience started late at night or on weekend, you can reduce the pain with immediate medication, but under no circumstances delay visit to the dentist.

Liga is great with working with children. In modern pediatric dentistry the main task is to save the tooth. Tooth extractions are quite rare, except the cases with primary teeth.

“Depending on your child’s biological rhythm, try to find the suitable time for making a dental appointment, usually it is the first half of the day. If a child wakes up early, then try to make a morning appointment. However, if your child still sleeps during the day, do not come to see the doctor at lunchtime, when your little one is getting tired and starts to become capricious.”

/Dr. Liga Ancāne/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University.