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Dr. Jelena Pastere

Dr. Jelena Pastere

Dr. Jelena Pastere works at Sky Dream Clinic as an orthodontics specialist and therapist.

Dr. Pastere has got extensive international experience in the field of orthodontics. She has worked as an orthodontics specialist in the leading dental clinic in Cyprus for 10 years. Dr. Pastere possesses exceptional skills in the treatment field and maintains a very high level of performed procedures. Continuously attends lectures and seminars in order to improve her professionalism and skills. 

It is customary to consider orthodontics a part of aesthetic dentistry. However, the main purpose of this branch of dentistry is to maintain the functionality of patient’s masticatory apparatus. Timely correction of the occlusion allows the smile to become more appealing and also to preserve the teeth row, as abnormal occlusion leads to various gum and bone tissue diseases and may become the reason of the premature tooth loss.

/Dr. Jelena Pastere/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University; Medical Academy of St. Petersburg, Orthodontics Department.