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Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home

Proper result

Inovatīva ārstēšanas pieeja zobārstniecībā

Teeth whitening at home, with the condition that the right approach is being followed, will provide excellent results and help teeth to recover beautiful color even if the enamel has become noticeably darker.

Important condition for achieving this result is performing the procedure under doctor’s supervision.

Comfortable and safe

It is possible to whiten teeth at a convenient time, in a comfortable regime and absolutely safe, if all dentist’s recommendations are being followed.

When used in a proper way, home systems are not only convenient, but are also absolutely safe for your teeth.

Whitening option is available

Teeth whitening at home is the cheapest way to regain original teeth color. Do you want to make your teeth white again with minimal financial investment?

Professional teeth whitening at home is one of the best solutions to the problem.


Selection of the optimal whitening gel

Inovatīva ārstēšanas pieeja zobārstniecībā

Our specialists will help you choose the whitening solution optimal particularly for your teeth.

The chosen gel will allow to achieve all the intended results in the shortest period of time.

Precise individual teeth whitening splint production

Individual teeth whitening splint is the best option for performing the procedure at home.

Our dental specialists will produce individual splints that will precisely match the features of your teeth.

Consultative support during all stages of the procedure

Our clinic cares about its patients both in the dentist’s office and outside it.

Dentist will give individual teeth whitening advice, monitor the process and the results, as well as assist with a consultation during the process of the procedure implementation.




    • Night dental splints /solid /

      169,90 €
    • Night dental splints /soft/

      134,90 €
    • Sport splints

      199,90 €
    • Whitening splint /1 piece/

      99,90 €
    • Splint Kape

      361,90 €
    • Night dental splints (against snore)

      880,00 €
    • Mio / relax dental splints

      297,00 €