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Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is based on the laser ability to fracture pigments. Procedure involves the application of a special gel to the front surface of every tooth and its further exposure to laser. The gel accumulates the laser light and breaks down to teeth enamel whitening particles. Laser teeth whitening is considered harmless, and does not cause any painful feelings.
Laser teeth whitening is a professional aesthetic procedure, designed to restore the natural whiteness of a teeth enamel in case of its colour change. Laser teeth whitening procedure does not change oral cavity’s pH level, does not damage teeth enamel, dentine and dental fillings. With the help of laser teeth whitening it is possible to lighten teeth up to 5-8 tones, and the result is maintained for 5 years or more.

Teeth whitening procedure is performed with the help of a “Doctor Smile” laser. Application variety:

“Doctor Smile” diode lasers are created especially for dental purposes and treatments: endodontics, periodontics, for conservative and surgical gum and teeth disease therapy. The accuracy of the cut, ability to prevent the bleeding, operational area sterilization – all these laser features make them the best instruments for the performance of various operations and procedures. The variety of devices in this line allows using them as an alternative for traditional methods. For example, one specialheadpiece included in the instrument equipment, gives a possibility to conduct anesthesia and whiten the surface of teeth enamel.

The main princip leof the laser teeth whitening lies in covering the teeth with a whitening gel and impacting them with the special laser system, acting as a catalyst. Aside from the whitening effect,the laser teeth whitening procedure also helps to harden teeth enamel up to 37%, and performs a bactericidal teeth treatment, destroying cariogenic bacteria.

Indications and contraindications for laser teeth whitening

Procedure of laser teeth whitening can be performedin case of an age-related teeth darkening, the appearance of dark spots and stripes, deep dentine staining. With the help of laser teeth whitening it is possible to remove resistant pigment during one session.

Laser teeth whitening procedure is not performed in case of dental contraindications: teeth hyperesthesia, whitening formula component intolerance, teeth root exposure, in complicated caries cases, periodontitis, gingival recession, stomatitis, gingivitis, cracks on teeth surfaces, presence of teeth veneers (lumineers) and presence of non-removable orthodontic constructions (braces).  

If dental fillings or crowns are present on central teeth, it is important to know that they will not be whitened, and will strongly stand out on enamel background. In this case, they need to be replaced to match the new teeth colour tone.

The procedure of laser teeth whitening includes several stages

Before the laser teeth whitening procedure it is necessary to get a dentist’s consultation, perform professional oral cavity hygiene and caries treatment. In case of in creased teeth sensitivity, it is possible to make deep teeth enamel fluoridation.

In the beginning, dentist performs an ultrasonic teeth cleaning and plaque removal. Cofferdam is put with the purpose of teeth and gum isolation, the dentist uses cotton tampons to drain the oral cavity, and teeth and gums are dried with the help of an airflow. For protection purposes patient is wearing special protective eyewear. With the help of a brush or spatula, everytoothis graduallycoveredwithahydrogenorcarbamide peroxide containingcompound; afterwards, in the same sequence, each tooth is treated with laser for 30 seconds. Thewhiteninggelshouldremain on the tooth surface not more than 10 minutes.

After the procedure of laser teeth whitening, gel remains are removed with cotton pads, teeth are thoroughly washed and dried and cofferdam is removed. Dentist covers the teeth with the fluorine-containing gel. By the end of the treatment, dentist checks and compares the enamel colour, and repeats selective applications to individual teeth or areas if needed. 

The procedure of laser teeth whitening lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.

Recommendations after the procedure of laser teeth whitening

Within two days after the procedure, it is advised to refrain or limit the consumption of colouring products - black tea, coffee, red wine, chocolate, etc.; avoid smoking.

With the development of hyperesthesia, it is necessary to use special pastes for sensitive teeth. The duration of the result achieved after the teeth whitening procedure, depends on the subsequent oral hygiene maintenance, both personal and professional. To maintain the teeth colour, it is recommended to use whitening tooth pastes periodically, perform ultrasonic teeth cleaning and plaque removal with Air-Flow equipment.

Risks of laser teeth whitening

Technology of laser teeth whitening is safe. During the procedure an unpleasant tingling feeling may appear, nevertheless, it does not threaten teeth enamel in any way. With careful teeth whitening procedure planning, it is possible to avoid hypersensitivity or reduce it noticeably.

Laser teeth whitening procedure is not recommended to pregnant women, individuals under 18 years, due to the unformed enamel, individuals with diabetes and thyroid gland diseases!

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