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ICOONE LASER - Inovatīvs kosmetoloģijas aparātsCutting edge technologies provide us with versatile instruments and means for the correction of the figure and the body skin and complexion. SKY DREAM CLINIC is an innovation and unique technology clinic, which continuously extends and improves the range of its services. Our clinic boasts of innovative cosmetology apparatus ICOONE LASER.

The unique ICOONE LASER mechanical influence methods enable to:

  • prevent cellulitis;
  • even out wrinkles;
  • rejuvenate the skin;
  • eliminate swelling;
  • reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat;
  • perform breast lift procedure;
  • lift sagging buttocks.

The only apparatus to date that allows for performing classical full body massage is the apparatus of Italian make ICOONE LASER! We are convinced that only a scientific approach guarantees success and great results and this is why we continue on-going research into the latest technologies and their potential!



Our clinic combines flawless craftsmanship, innovative technologies, highest quality standards, inimitable service level and unique atmosphere.

The clinic employs a team of highly-qualified specialists, who constantly improve their qualifications and mastership. We participate in various specialized competitions; attend courses, trainings and seminars; develop aesthetic programs and health-improving procedures.

Alena Bodzha
beauty therapist

  • face and body care procedures - from 25 to 60 Euro
  • anti-ageing programs
  • ārstnieciskā un kosmētiskā sejas masāža
  • limfodrenāža

Mob. +371 26201278

Evelina Shubnikova
beauty therapist

  • biorevitalization - from 100 Euro
  • face care procedures - from 35 to 60 Euro
  • anti-ageing program - from 35 to 60 Euro

Mob. +371 29450497

Marina Popova
beauty therapist

  • "DARPHIN" anti-ageing program - from 60 to 70 Euro
  • SPA face procedures - from 30 to 60 Euro
  • biorevitalization - from 140 to 160 Euro

Mob. +371 26451241