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By the age of 6-7 first permanent teeth start to grow. These teeth are exposed to rapid damaging, as dental sulcus on their surfaces are still not deep enough and not fully mineralized. Besides that, children not always brush their teeth properly, which may later lead to severe damages, and these teeth are already PERMANENT. Due to this reason, it is advised to cover permanent teeth surfaces with sealants as soon as they start to grow.

Sealant – is a special dental varnish, which fills in and strengthens dental sulcus.

The procedure of teeth surface covering with sealants is short and painless, although very effective. By covering your child’s teeth with sealants in time, the risk of caries decreases by 80-90 percent.

Control procedures should be performed every three months, later on – only during preventative visits to the dentist.

If sealant falls out – the procedure of permanent teeth surface covering with sealant materials is being repeated.

However, dental sealant is not always needed right away. If child’s teeth are already damaged by caries, first of all, it is advisable to perform proper treatment procedures.

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