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Teeth straightening without braces AIRNIVOL

Teeth straightening without braces AIRNIVOL

Occlusion correction and teeth straightening without braces. Transparent aligners will help you acquire a charming smile.

AIRNIVOL is the best solution for you in order to acquire the desired smile. You must only take five simple steps to fulfil your dream about a new smile.

Placement process

    Together with your dentist choose to correct your teeth with AIRNIVOL aligners.
    AirCheck 3-D image will allow you to familiarise yourself with the treatment plan, which has been set up by using your dental impression.
    MONTH You will receive aligners for the usage during the first month in accordance with the dentist’s instructions.
    Your dentist will arrange the further appointments in order to issue you with new aligners consecutively. You will definitely notice gradual improvement of your smile.
    At the end of the treatment you will receive a night aligner for the retention and up-keeping of your new, beautiful smile.

AIRNIVOL advantages

    The use of aligners is easy and comfortable.
    If necessary, the aligners can be removed without putting the treatment result at risk.
    The aligners do not irritate mucous membrane of the mouth cavity.
    You will even not notice them because the aligners are transparent.
    The cleaning of aligners is easy allowing for good oral hygiene.
    The aligners do not affect the pronunciation.
    You can carry on your daily activities.
    The aligners are durable and do not wear out.
  • SAFE 
    They are made from a biological and hypoallergenic material.

Questions about AIRNIVOL

  • Where can I receive AIRNIVOL?
    At the AIRNIVOL certified dentist.
  • Can AIRNIVOL be used at any age?
    There are no age restrictions — AIRNIVOL certified dentist will evaluate the possibility to use AIRNIVOL aligners for your treatment.
  • How often do I need to see the AIRNIVOL dentist after the commencement of the treatment course?
    The dentist will inform you when to pay a visit. We recommend having at least one check a month.
  • Is AIRNIVOL aligner wearing painful?
    No, it is not painful. At the beginning you can have a slight feeling of discomfort because the aligner fulfils its function and pushes teeth. All aligners are carefully treated in order to avoid unpleasant feelings and irritation of mouth mucosa.
  • Is it possible to prevent gaps between teeth by the help of AIRNIVOL?
    Yes, it is. But it is important to wear the aligners for the indicated period of time.
  • If I use metal braces, may I choose AIRNIVOL?
    Yes, but your dentist will evaluate your condition.
  • May I have hot drinks while using AIRNIVOL?
    No, it is advisable to remove the aligner at this moment because, as a result of having hot drinks, the aligner connections can move or its material can change colour.
  • May I smoke while using AIRNIVOL?
    No, smoking can result in the loss of aligner flexibility and its material can change colour.
  • May I chew chewing gum while using AIRNIVOL?
    It is advisable to avoid the use of chewing gum at all times while wearing the aligner.
  • Must I always wear AIRNIVOL aligner? At night either?
    Yes, because the aligner works actively at night too.
  • May I use AIRNIVOL aligners when going in for sports?
    Yes, there are no contraindications.
  • Do the aligners change my voice or speech?
    No, however, occasionally it can take several days to get used to wearing of the aligner.
  • How can I clean AIRNIVOL aligners?
    Under cold running water and with a standard toothbrush.
  • How can I take out and put on the aligners?
    Start putting on the aligners on the front teeth — make sure that the aligners hold tightly at the intended location and only then slowly clench your teeth. We advise to take out the aligners starting with molar teeth.
  • I have lost a tightening element of the aligner. What should I do?
    It is important to check if all tightening elements are in place. It can be done by inspecting the aligner. If any element is missing, inform your dentist immediately.
  • My aligner is broken. What should I do?
    If the aligner is broken or lost, inform your dentist immediately.
  • Where should I keep the aligners while I am not wearing them?
    Keep the aligners only in a special box which was given to you by the dentist. If you do not take care of the aligners, they can get lost or damaged.