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Rita Mickevica

Rita Mickevica

Rita Mickevica is a dental hygienist at Sky Dream Clinic.

Responsible and executive employee, handling her professional duties on an excellent level. Rita is well-known for her high expectations towards herself and surrounding people. At the same time, she is very kind and sympathetic, always ready to help colleagues and patients.

Solid experience in dentistry. Provides consultations on choosing the right products for proper oral cavity care, teaches how to clean teeth in the correct way and use various oral hygienic appliances. Professional AirFlow methodbased oral cavity hygiene.

Our specialist would like to highlight the fact that even the best toothbrush and toothpaste will give no results if standing on a shelf in the bathroom. Only regular dental care will eliminate plaque and save teeth from damage.

“Dental plaque is a poriferous formation, which is the main reason why carbohydrates can get in its structure on daily basis in the form of soft and refined food products. For example, if you eat a baked roll or a chocolate bar during your lunch break, and then chew some “Orbit” - dental plaque remains in hard-to-reach places. in the evening, when we brush teeth before going to bed, we usually are not thorough enough, as we are tired and sleepy.”

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