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Ilona Chernova

Ilona Chernova

Ilona Chernova works as an ICOONE LASER specialist for clinic “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Our clinic’s arsenal includes an innovative cosmetology apparatus ICOONE LASER.

The unique ICOONE LASER mechanical impact methods enables to:

  • Prevent cellulitis;
  • Even out wrinkles;
  • Rejuvenate the skin;
  • Eliminate swelling;
  • Reduce the amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue;
  • Perform breast lift procedure;
  • Eliminate flabbiness of the buttocks.

ICOONE LASER is the only apparatus in the world which upon performing symmetric massage uses two heads simultaneously. Thus it performs more efficiently having an effect on the blood circulation and lymph flow.

Our great ICOONE LASER specialist Ilona Chernova will tailor an individual programme and procedures for you in order to get rid of various aesthetic shortcomings and medical and rehabilitation consequences. 100% pleasant feelings. 100% efficiency.

„I love my work and always pay attention to details because I am responsible for my performance. It is centred on quality and customers’ wellbeing!”

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