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Dr. Renate Vevere

Dr. Renate Vevere

Dr. Renate Vevere holds the position of therapist and pediatric dental specialist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Attentive and sensitive doctor, who treats whole families as she practices treatment methods both for children and adults. Dr.Vevere dedicates a large amount of time to mastering her professional skills. Attendance of various seminars and masterclasses of leading dentists allows her to orientate in modern dental advances and to employ the most progressive methods and dental materials in her practice. Easily establishes contact with children, which is an inevitable part of being a pediatric dentist, and provides highly qualified help to her little patients.

Dr.Vevere always demonstrates high levels of working capability, is attentive towards her patients and their problems. She takes her responsibilities seriously and performs duties on highest level, remaining a vivacious, level-headed and disciplined person.

“Do not forget to take your child’s favourite toy to a dental appointment, which is also in need of a dentist’s help. Make up a fairytale regarding this theme and you will ensure psychological comfort for your child. If your child feels anxiety and is worried about the procedure, we recommend giving some herbal sedative medicine.”

/R. Vevere/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University
Dr.Vevere is fluent in Russian and English languages