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Dr Elina Heifeca (Elīna Heifeca)

Dr Elina Heifeca (Elīna Heifeca)

Dr Elina Heifeca works as a therapist and a prothetist for dentistry clinic “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Dr Heifeca is an experienced and knowledgeable professional who performs teeth treatment with excellence. She improves her knowledge in dentistry on an ongoing basis by attending seminars and conferences. Dr Heifeca is responsive, kind and responsible towards each patient.

“Teeth treatment has a great significance although a lot of adults are afraid of dentists not to mention the children. However, we may not avoid teeth treatment since ill teeth can provoke the worsening of inflammation or infection processes, for instance, affecting the gastrointestinal tract.”

/Dr Elina Heifeca/

Fluent Russian and English