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Dr. Antonina Kocetova (Nikitina)

Dr. Antonina Kocetova (Nikitina)

Dr. Antonina Kocetova works as a therapist for dentistry clinic “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Dr. Antonina Kocetova possesses great skills at work with both children and adults. She fulfils her job responsibilities with excellence, treats teeth professionally, prevents tooth decay and does her best to make the teeth as beautiful and healthy as possible. Dr. Antonina Kocetova improves her dentistry skills on an ongoing basis by attending training seminars and courses on innovative treatment methods in order to apply them to her treatment practice later on. To keep your teeth strong!

I wish to help each patient so that their smile is not only beautiful but also healthy. It is essential to keep in mind that teeth are interrelated with the entire body therefore even one non-treated tooth can affect the body as a whole. Let’s undergo treatment in due time in order to be strong and happy!”

/Dr. Antonina Kocetova/

Educational establishment: Riga Stradiņš University