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Our specialists

Dr. Dmitriy Papsuevich

The leading dental prosthetist/implant surgeon

Dr. Dmitriy Papsuevich is the leading dental prosthetist/implant surgeon at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Highly qualified specialist and a man of great erudition, who successfully combines both medical practice and organisational work, and is truly a professional in his field. Field of expertise encloses: surgical dentistry, including implantology. Working experience allows to multidimensionally detect each patient’s oral cavity problems and to find ways for possible solutions in cases of complicated clinical conditions. Dr.Papsuevich constantly improves his professional competences. Proficiently operates modern dental restoration techniques and prosthetics; excellently performs intricate dental root canal treatment procedures. Large amount of clinical experience, immaculate accuracy, precision, attention to details, knowledge of modern treatment principles and methods allow to receive a wonderful result in the end.

Under went educational training with various dental implant systems.

Actively participates in international symposiums, conferences, and conducts master-classes on implantology and osteoplasty.

“Our smile is an essential element of productive and successful communication, whereas our strong teeth are the reflection of health of the whole organism. That is the reason why ”Sky Dream Clinic” provides the range of dental services starting from basic consultations to installation of complex prostheses.”

/D. Papsuevich/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University
Dr.Papsuevich is fluent in Russian and English languages.

Dr. Renate Vevere

Therapist and pediatric dental specialist

Dr. Renate Vevere holds the position of therapist and pediatric dental specialist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Attentive and sensitive doctor, who treats whole families as she practices treatment methods both for children and adults. Dr.Vevere dedicates a large amount of time to mastering her professional skills. Attendance of various seminars and masterclasses of leading dentists allows her to orientate in modern dental advances and to employ the most progressive methods and dental materials in her practice. Easily establishes contact with children, which is an inevitable part of being a pediatric dentist, and provides highly qualified help to her little patients.

Dr.Vevere always demonstrates high levels of working capability, is attentive towards her patients and their problems. She takes her responsibilities seriously and performs duties on highest level, remaining a vivacious, level-headed and disciplined person.

“Do not forget to take your child’s favourite toy to a dental appointment, which is also in need of a dentist’s help. Make up a fairytale regarding this theme and you will ensure psychological comfort for your child. If your child feels anxiety and is worried about the procedure, we recommend giving some herbal sedative medicine.”

/R. Vevere/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University
Dr.Vevere is fluent in Russian and English languages

Dr. Liga Skutele

Therapist and pediatric dental specialist

Dr. Liga Skutele is a therapist and pediatric dental specialist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Our patients describe Liga as an outgoing, kind-hearted and always smiling person, who is a true professional in her field of expertise. Dr.Skutele successfully deals even with the most complicated cases and regularly attends seminars and qualification training courses. She always explains to her patients that it is necessary to visit your dentist if you experience acute tooth pain. Only dental specialist will be able to determine the cause of the pain and treat the tooth. In order to understand what exactly is causing the pain, doctor will make an x-ray image. If painful experience started late at night or on weekend, you can reduce the pain with immediate medication, but under no circumstances delay visit to the dentist.

Liga is great with working with children. In modern pediatric dentistry the main task is to save the tooth. Tooth extractions are quite rare, except the cases with primary teeth.

“Depending on your child’s biological rhythm, try to find the suitable time for making a dental appointment, usually it is the first half of the day. If a child wakes up early, then try to make a morning appointment. However, if your child still sleeps during the day, do not come to see the doctor at lunchtime, when your little one is getting tired and starts to become capricious.”

/L. Skutele/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University.
Dr.Skutele is fluent in Russian and English languages.

Dr. Renate Vasjukevicha

Therapist and prosthetist

Dr. Renate Vasjukevicha holds the position of a therapist and prosthetist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Doctor with many years of experience. Her main aspects of work include complicated cases of dental and gum inflammations, therapeutic treatment, aesthetic restoration of teeth enamel and dental prosthetics. Dr.Vasjukevicha also is great with working with children. Regularly improves her professional skills by attending seminars and training courses both in Latvia and abroad. It is worth mentioning that Dr.Vasjukevicha knows the latest methods in the field of dental prosthetics and aesthetic dental restoration.

Dr. Renate explains to her patients, who desire to have a beautiful smile, that the best possible option for achieving the result, is to choose ultra-thin dentures – veneers and lumineers.

“Veneers and lumineers are special dentures used for restoring the aesthetics of a beautiful smile and to make dental arcade even and shining. Veneers and lumineers help to conceal visible flaws and restore the attractiveness of your teeth. If you decide to have a beautiful smile, I am always there to help you!”

/R. Vasjukevicha/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University.
Dr. Renate is fluent in English and Russian languages.

Rita Mickevicha

Dental hygienist

Rita Mickevicha is a dental hygienist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Responsible and executive employee, handling her professional duties on an excellent level. Rita is well-known for her high expectations towards herself and surrounding people. At the same time, she is very kind and sympathetic, always ready to help colleagues and patients.

Solid experience in dentistry. Provides consultations on choosing the right products for proper oral cavity care, teaches how to clean teeth in the correct way and use various oral hygienic appliances. Professional AirFlow methodbased oral cavity hygiene.

Our specialist would like to highlight the fact that even the best toothbrush and toothpaste will give no results if standing on a shelf in the bathroom. Only regular dental care will eliminate plaque and save teeth from damage.

“Dental plaque is a poriferous formation, which is the main reason why carbohydrates can get in its structure on daily basis in the form of soft and refined food products. For example, if you eat a baked roll or a chocolate bar during your lunch break, and then chew some “Orbit” - dental plaque remains in hard-to-reach places. in the evening, when we brush teeth before going to bed, we usually are not thorough enough, as we are tired and sleepy.”

/R. Mickevicha/

Inara Karpova

Dental hygienist

Inara Karpova is a dental hygienist at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Solid experience in dentistry. Sympathetic person, always willing to help colleagues and patients. Inara has very high demands towards her professional duties. Our specialist would like to remark that there is a common belief that damaged teeth should not be brushed every day. This is absolutely wrong. In reality, in two hours after the last meal, soft dental plaque is starting to form. If it is not eliminated in the next 12 hours, dental calculus starts forming in its place. Calculus formation may lead to gum inflammation, the increase of teeth mobility and unpleasant breath. Besides all that, dental calculus is responsible for caries development.

“The easiest way of keeping teeth and gums in good health for the whole life – is not to be lazy and brush teeth regularly (two times per day), rinse oral cavity with special mouth-washing products, and use dental floss. Oral cavity hygiene will be most effective if you consult a specialist before choosing the toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth-washing products.”

/I. Karpova/

Inga Litinska


Inga Litinska is an assistant at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Kind-hearted and outgoing, always ready to help her patients. True professional in fulfilling her duties. Successful experience in working both with children and adults. Irreplaceable helper for our doctors.

“Patients trust us with their most precious possession – their health. We value every client and always try to fulfill his expectations”

/I. Litinska/

Evita Švāģere


Excellent administrator Evita will answer your call and suggest suitable time for your dental appointment.

Great communication skills with both adults and little patients. Professionally fulfills her work duties. It is very important to us that you leave our clinic with a healthy smile and good memories about a friendly service.

Irina Jekimova


Our wonderful administrator Irina Jekimova is always ready to answer your call and make an appointment with one of our specialists.

Smiling, ready to help, friendly and kind-hearted – this is our Tatjana. She can talk to and calm down children who are afraid of going to the dentist, and also encourage their parents not to worry about the upcoming treatment procedures or even extraction. Tatjana is the administrator who successfully does her job!