Therapy service

The modern stomatology is directed to decreasing traumatic injuries of teeth during preparation. It can be reached only by applying composites, which enter in chemical connection with tooth tissues and form a whole, monolithic structure. Filling of carious cavities is carried outwith the use of composite materials of light hardening (helio composites, light composites).
Composite materials are the closest to the hardness of teeth enamel. The filling from this material is fixed in a carious cavity on a special glue - adhesive. It allows the doctor to achieve its improved edge fit and consequently increases filling endurance. Many of these fillings contain drugs of fluorine, which strengthens an adamantine substance of tooth in the structure. Each material in its set has a wide color gamma - filling can be picked for the optimal tooth color. It is especially actual for making filling for frontal teeth - after all the aesthetics and stomatology are closely linked together.
We pay considerable attention to dental disease prevention. As a rule, teeth treatment is accompanied by professional hygiene of an oral cavity: removal of tooth deposits by means of ultrasonic device with the subsequent polish of teeth with special pastes.

In case of an outer surface destruction of the central and side cutters, the venires are used, in order to achieve the best esthetic effect. Venires –are ceramic plates used in case of coronal part of frontal teeth group defect or for an aesthetic improvement. Therapeutic teeth treatment is carried out under the local anesthesia. We work with import articaine type anesthetics. Similar drugs are admissible for application in children's practice, with pregnancy and breast feeding, patients with cardiovascular system pathologies. Today, these are the least toxic, but more effective local anesthetics with analgesic qualities. Use of adhesive systems allows us not only to fill up small carious cavities, but also to recover strongly destroyed teeth. It is called a teeth restoration with the use of light composites. Teeth restoration is a powerful alternative to prosthetics with single crowns, including ceramic-metal. Benefits: a lot of healthy tissues of tooth remain and treatment time is reduced. For increase in structural performances of these constructions metal (anchor) or carbonaceous (C-post) pins are used and strengthened in teeth channels. During the treatment of the complicated caries (pulpitis and periodontitis) we use imported intra channel (endodontic) tools. Teeth root channels are filled up with the use of imported sealing materials, gutta-percha. Use of gutta-percha allows achieving qualitative obturation of the root channel after its processing that guarantees high treatment quality. According to indications, root treatment around granulomas is carried out by means of sealing materials for root channels. In this case, active agents via the tooth channel are removed in the changed bone tissue that promotes tooth treatment. All manipulations in teeth channels are controlled by means of radiovisiography.