Surgical service

In our dental clinic we provide the full range of surgical stomatology services. Surgical treatment is carried out under a local anesthesia. We work with import articaine type anesthetics. Similar drugs are admissible for application in children's practice, with pregnancy and breast feeding, patients with cardiovascular system pathologies. Today, these are the least toxic, but more effective local anesthetics with analgesic qualities.
Under a local anesthesia, with the help of modern drugs, painless removals of the destroyed teeth can be carried out. Experienced doctors perform difficult operations on retention cysts removal. 
Surgical interventions to children are performed according to orthodontic indications:
  • bridle plastic;
  • oral cavity threshold plastics.
Any procedure, whether it is tooth extraction or dental tartar removal, gum incision bridle plastic, in dental clinic is carried out quickly, painless and with perfect result. Perfectly equipped dental clinic with highly skilled medical personnel with sincere care towards their patients - what can be better for carrying out necessary, but "terrifying" surgical treatment? 
Fast, safe and 100% painless tooth extraction will help at dentition alignment and teeth recovery with prosthetics methods.
Surgical stomatology department specialists are capable of finding the optimal solution to a problem of any complexity. If you are disturbed by the need of tooth extraction, or you have a need for any other dental surgical operation, please contact our dental clinic and your problem will be solved without pain, fear and tears!