From doctor’s practice on children dental health

Seen from the doctor’s perspective, child’s parents seek for help only when their offspring starts experiencing toothache and a serious treatment is needed. If your pediatrician did not recommend you to visit a dentist, you should do it on your own. Primary teeth are quite “tricky”, as the disease process tends to progress quickly and sometimes is hardly noticeable. There is a wide range of factors, which can cause dental diseases: genetics, ecology, malnutrition. Based on the observations of our doctors, the main problems experienced by children include stomatitis, incorrect occlusion and caries. For example, some parents believe that caries should not be treated with primary teeth. In their opinion, it is better to extract these teeth and allow the new ones to grow in their place. This is absolutely wrong! Early tooth extraction can cause serious problems, which will negatively influence the teeth formation process. In order to avoid making these mistakes, it is necessary to visit dentist for a consultation. It is also very important that child’s first meeting with a dentist does not cause any negative emotions.
According to the current practice of working with children, it is possible to admit that our treatment approach fulfills all aims and objectives. If you still have not been to the dentist with your child, we advise you to start with an oral hygiene and preventative treatments. Positive attitude towards the dental health should be formed from the childhood – later your child will be grateful to you for this experience!
Of course, parents should not forget about their dental health as well. “Sky Dream Clinic” offers a possibility to improve the aesthetics and health of your smile, by using modern dental equipment and instruments of high quality, while based on our expert experience and knowledge.