For pregnant women

As indicated by our specialists, a majority of pregnant women often complain that they are catching colds easily. The regular use of vitamin complexes does not help the expectant mothers. It turns out, that in order to keep up the good well-being and health vitamin pills are not enough. Look in the mirror and open your mouth. Check your oral cavity for the presence of gum inflammation (gingivitis) or signs of caries?
Problems in oral cavity often increase the development of various diseases for pregnant women and their unborn children. This can seriously affect the formation of child’s vital organ systems. Bacteria, accumulated in the oral cavity, unnoticeably get to our gastro-intestinal tract. Body’s whole immune system gets weakened. This results in frequent colds, cardiovascular diseases begin to develop, digestive function problems start to appear. 
First visit to the dentist.
Ideally, all acute dental problems should be solved before you start planning your pregnancy. However, this cannot always be possible. It happens, that even during the first visit, your dentist will notify you about some oral cavity problems. What can be done? It is advisable to postpone serious manipulations, like caries treatment with anesthesia. Instead, you should consult your doctor about which paste you should use better, in order to stop caries development. In case you have some deep tooth damage, and you need to perform a nerve removal procedure, possibly, you will be offered a temporary filling. During the first pregnancy semester, dental treatment procedures should be maximally considerate.
Teeth during the pregnancy: treatment and preventive measures.
A very important manipulation in the dental chair during the period of pregnancy – is a professional dental hygiene. Usually, this procedure lasts not more than 40 minutes. During this time, dentist is able to remove calculus and soft dental plaque. As for modern expectant mothers, who constantly care about their smile being white and healthy, it is not advisable to perform teeth whitening procedures during the pregnancy. While expecting a child, the pressure on the enamel is increased. During the pregnancy period teeth become quite sensitive.
Second trimester of pregnancy is a suitable period for superficial caries and inflamed gum treatments. By this time child’s vital organs have fully developed. The use of gentle medication will not cause any harm.
You have visited dentist, cleaned your teeth thoroughly, and treated caries. What to do next? How to maintain beauty and health of the teeth during the pregnancy period?
First of all, you need to carefully look at your toothbrush. For the next few months you should choose medium hard toothbrushes. This will not only help you to avoid possible gum bleeding, but will also protect the sensible enamel from micro cracks. You will have to change your toothbrushes more frequently than before, preferably every month.  Your dentist will help you choose the appropriate toothpaste.
Dental appointment schedule:
1. visit: 6 - 9 pregnancy week
2. visit: 16 - 18 pregnancy week
3. visit: 26 - 28 pregnancy week
4. visit: 36 - 38 pregnancy week