Children's stomatology

In order for your child to be interested and not afraid of the procedure, we have developed a multifunctional and entertaining event system, which will allow your child to forget the fact that he is in a clinic:

Cheerful premise design.
  • Doctor in the image of a tooth fairy.
  • Multicoloured teeth fillings.
  • Presents for courage.
  • Favourite animated films and other pleasant surprises.
  • It is important that your child’s first meeting with the doctor is an ideal experience; that is why we offer to start with oral hygiene and teeth preventative examination.
CHILDREN'S STOMATOLOGY (till 12 years)  
Consultation, document formalization 9.90
Visit to dentist / till 45 min. / 19.90
Professional hygiene from 19.90
Polishing of teeth with professional polishing pastes 19.90
Treatment of milk teeth 25.90
Removal of milk tooth 15.90
Covering of teeth with Tiefenfluorid medication and polishing of teeth / both jaws / 39.90