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Рига (район VEF)
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Пн. - Пт.: 9:00-19:00
Сб. - Вс.: Выходной
Запись по телефону:
+371 200 12 559

Dr. Aleksandr Makarov

Dr. Aleksandr Makarov

Dr. Aleksandr Makarov holds a position of implant surgeon at “Sky Dream Clinic”.

Field of expertise includes: dental implantation – complicated cases, restorative interference on soft and solid tissues of maxillofacial area. Dr.Makarov also performs complicated reconstruction prosthetic procedures, aesthetic prosthetics of ceramic veneers, inlays, dental crowns on carcass from zirconia oxide and other materials. Possesses solid experience in implant-supported prosthetics in cases with partial or full teeth loss. In the event of multimodality treatment, cooperates with other specialists and coordinates the course of complicated treatment procedures. Dr.Makarov is a participant of various international educational courses, symposiums, and masterclasses on aesthetic prosthetics, with the use of metal-free ceramics and computer technologies of dental restoration modelling on teeth and dental implants.

Is very responsible towards his duties and always fulfills them on highest level possible. Dr.Makarov is very attentive with his patients, is a good listener, gives helpful advice and uses innovative medical technologies. He constantly reaches for the maximal result.

“If you experience acute pain, you must immediately visit a dentist. Only specialist will be able to determine the cause of the pain and repair the tooth. In order to understand what is wrong, we will make an x-ray image or more progressive radiovisiographic examination. Our main task is to help our patients, and this is what we do best!”

/A. Makarov/

Alma Mater: Riga Stradins University
Dr. Makarov speaks Russian, English, Swedish, as well as French and German languages.